Smart, Christopher, 1722-71, English poet. A graduate of Cambridge, he lived in London writing poems, editing a humorous magazine, and producing plays. His one great poem, Song to David (1763), an inspirational piece containing superb imagery, was written while he was confined in an asylum for a religious mania. He is also known for his idiosyncratic and often anthologized paean to his cat, Jeoffry, from the surviving fragments of his Jubilate Agno, which was also written during his confinement but not published in a definitive edition until 1954.

See study by F. E. Anderson (1974).

Bomb with a guidance system that directs its path toward a target. It is steered by fins or wings on the bomb that move in response to guidance commands. Guidance systems may be electro-optical, laser, infrared, or inertial. Electro-optical systems send pictures of the area so that the bomb can be guided onto the target. Laser-guided bombs follow the reflections of a laser beam trained onto the target by an aircraft or a spotter on the ground. Infrared guidance responds to radiation generated by warm areas of the target. Inertial navigation is based on inputting coordinates derived from radar systems or from Global Positioning System satellites into the bomb's gyroscopes. Smart bombs, initially used in the Vietnam War, offer far greater accuracy than traditional gravity, or “dumb,” bombs.

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Smart usually means highly intelligent. Smart or SMART may also refer to:



Mass transit systems:


  • Smart (automobile), a brand of automobile from Daimler AG
  • Smart cliché, a branding cliché (e.g., smart card, smartphone, smart growth) usually referring to integrated electronics or so-called "artificial intelligence" features
  • Smart (drink) (醒目), a brand of fruit-flavored soda produced by The Coca-Cola Company specifically for Mainland China


  • SMART Tunnel, the Stormwater Management and Road Tunnel]] in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Social programs:

  • SMART (emergency standard) - Standardized Monitoring and Assessment of Relief and Transitions - an initiative to use standardized methods to assess and monitor mortality and nutrition in complex emergency situations
  • SMART Recovery Self Management And Recovery Training an alternative to 12 Step programs (such as AA or NA) from addiction recovery based on REBT principles

Grants and funds:



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