Sally Edwards

Sally Edwards (born September 10, 1947) is one of the pioneers in the Olympic sport of triathlon. She resides in Sacramento, California. Edwards has helped to organize both the national and international governing body for the sport. She also wrote the first book on triathlons, and 6 subsequent books on the sport.


Edwards is also an entrepreneur, who has founded six companies including: Fleet Feet Sports (a chain of franchise retail sports stores); Yuba Snowshoes (sports-performance snowshoes); and most recently, Heart Zones USA an international fitness and health training and education company.

She is also a professional motivational speaker, who has advised thousands on how to find and live the fitness lifestyle.

Sports career

Sally Edwards has completed over 150 races including more than 75 Danskin Triathlons and 16 Ironman Triathlons. She is a former holder of the master's world record in the Ironman, and the national spokesperson for the Danskin series of women-only sprint triathlons. Her background in multi-sport competition is extensive. She has won the Western States 100 Mile Endurance Run, the 100 mile Iditashoe Snowshoe Race, Race Across America Relay division, and numerous marathons. She has also participated in adventure races around the world.

In 1999, Sally Edwards was selected to be a member of the Triathlon Hall of Fame.

Edwards is currently represented by United Agents


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