Slocum, Henry Warner, b. 1826 or 1827, d. 1894, Union general in the American Civil War, b. Delphi, Onondaga co., N.Y. A West Point graduate, he resigned from the army in 1856 and practiced law in Syracuse, N.Y., until war broke out. Slocum, rising to a major generalcy of volunteers (1862), fought in all the Eastern campaigns through Gettysburg (1863), where he commanded the right wing. In 1864 he led the 20th Corps at the end of General Sherman's Atlanta campaign. His troops constituted Sherman's left wing in the march through Georgia and the Carolinas (1864-65). After the war, Slocum settled in Brooklyn, where he practiced law. He was a Democratic Representative in Congress (1869-73, 1883-85).
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