Sliver (1991) is a novel by U.S. author Ira Levin about the mysterious occurrences in a privately owned New York highrise apartment building, especially after a new tenant—an attractive young woman working in publishing—has moved in. Phillip Noyce directed a film, Sliver, based on the book, which was released in 1993.

Plot summary

When she makes the acquaintance of a handsome and friendly young man who lives in the same "sliver" building she does not know at first that he is the owner. While keeping a low profile himself, he turns out to know an awful lot about the other inhabitants including many of their secrets. It then turns out that he is a modern-day Peeping Tom who, unknown to everyone, has had surveillance cameras and microphones installed in every single apartment of the house, with his own place in the building serving as his headquarters. The novel is also a murder mystery, and the beautiful heroine soon becomes a damsel in distress herself.

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