Braceface is a Canadian animated series currently broadcast on Teletoon in Canada, and on the Disney Channel and ABC Family in the United States. It is produced by American actress Alicia Silverstone, and made by the Canadian company Nelvana. It is aimed at pre-teens and teenagers, and presents situations that more mature kids can understand.

The show, set in southern British Columbia, is based around Sharon Spitz (voiced by Alicia Silverstone), who is an eighth grader with braces that get in her way of leading a normal teenage life. In the first season she studies at Mary Pickford.


Sharon Spitz

A somewhat ditzy teenager who wears braces, as the show's name suggests, Sharon was popular in Jr. High School (which she was attending when the series began). Sharon's main rival is Nina Harper, who followed Sharon to high school. In high school, Sharon faces trouble trying to gain popularity, as she is seen by most students as inferior because she is a ninth grader. Sharon's family members include her father Richard, her mother Helen, her two brothers Adam and Josh, two dogs, and three cats.

Sharon's best friend is Maria Wong and her other friends are Connor MacKenzie, Alden Jones and Brock Leighton. She has a huge crush on Alden and he's later Sharon's boyfriend, but later ends their relationship. In last episode ("Leap of Faith"), Alden comes back to Sharon to come clean, saying that it was his mistake to end their relationship.

Sharon, like Silverstone, is an animal rights supporter, and a vegetarian.

Many times, her braces form a central part of Bracefaces plots, as they are magnets, which leads Sharon to unintentionally attract different objects and get into embarrassing situations, although this helped her at one point.

Ms. Helen Spitz

Sharon's mom, is one hard-working lady. Not only is she a successful as a psychologist who sees Clients in her home office, she's also a single mother raising three kids. And despite having to juggle a lot of balls in the air, Helen is a great mom who does her best to stay 'in touch' with her kids. This sometimes takes the form of 'psychoanalysing' Sharon and her brothers - which drives them crazy. Sharon sums up her mom in three sentences. Means well, love her dearly, doesn't get it. Helen divorced Sharon's dad when Sharon was seven, but her parents still get along well. Helen is now dating a guy named David who, in Sharon's opinion, is a dork. Harmless, but definitely a dork.

Adam Spitz

Eighteen-year-old Adam is Sharon's generic older brother. Thanks to a recent growth spurt, Adam is going through a real awkward phase - so it's a good thing he can laugh at himself. Like most older brothers, Adam just loves to tease his little sister and likes to play pranks on her. But when Sharon really needs to talk to someone, Adam is a surprisingly good listener and a helping hand when she is in big problems. Sharon and Adam go to the same high school, so if Sharon gets herself into a mess, Adam's sure to hear about it through the grapevine. But most of the time, he's happy to stay out of her business. When Adam's not at wrestling practice or working out on his home gym in the basement, he's usually hanging out with his petite, yoga-loving girlfriend, Hannah.

Josh Spitz

Sharon's younger brother, an aspiring pianist. In fact Sharon often says to anyone who needs to see him; "If you're looking for my little brother, just shut your eyes and follow the sound of classical music!", as eleven-year-old (he was originally nine at the start of the series, but has since had some birthdays). Josh is not just aspiring but something of a piano prodigy, and he spends a lot of his time (As his older brother or sister puts it) "Practising symphonies by various dead guys". Some day, Josh will definitely be a professional musician like his dad. Away from the piano, Josh is a normal ordinary kid. He likes video games, fast food, and playing with the family dogs and cats. Sharon cares deeply for Josh and both couldn't be closer, with no conflicts between them - other than when he's being a nusiance (Or as Sharon would state; "Having a bratty day") such as when Sharon sort to spend time with Alden only for Josh to go and spoil it for her at every turn (his mocking reactions when he learned of her hoped romance with Jones didn't go down to well with her or for him during the outcome). Oh or when his piano playing is getting on her nerves while she's doing a task like homework or something even more important like writing an email to a special someone or some other major priority (particularly if she's carrying on a phone conversation with a friend or a potential beau). Or inconvenience due to having to babysit him when she's involved in "alternative arrangements" her style getting cramped is normally the least of Josh's worries when such an event occurs. But basically on the whole, for a little brother... Josh is pretty cool and at times wise beyond his years when it comes to giving out advice to her, his family or anyone willing to listen. Perhaps because of his innocent child perceptions, he can see things more clearly and less complicated than they normally are to others. Both his older siblings do really love him (though neither Adam nor Sharon would publicly openly admit it).

Maria Wong

Sharon's best friend, she is very into sports and the tomboyish type. She is laid back but incredibly organized. Sharon's best pal Maria is a real 'rock'. Loyal and honest, Maria knows when to give Sharon a shoulder to cry on, and when to tell her to 'get over herself.' She'd do absolutely anything for Sharon - except go on a double date with that goof Brock Leighton. Even best-friendship has its limits. Maria loves extreme sports, and she's always trying to get her friends to join her - but Sharon and Connor don't share Maria's thirst for danger or her competitive streak. So Maria usually ends up whizzing down the snowboarding pipe on her own, while her friends cheer her on from a safe distance. Maria also happens to be brilliant in school, but she's no goody-goody. She and Sharon have been 'partners in crime' on more than one occasion! Maria's background is as diverse as her interests - as she's mixed race, half-Chinese and half-Italian, and she embraces all the good stuff both cultures have to offer. Although, learning Chinese calligraphy was definitely more her parents' idea. When Maria liked one of her teachers she met him for lunch at a restaurant. Sharon went to spy on her to make sure she kept her feelings to herself. She hid under the table while the two were talking to each other. Maria slipt one of her shoes off while Sharon was underneath the table and Sharon commented that her feet stink. Maybe she should stop wearing sneakers all the time and air out her soles. She was disappointed when she learned he requested she join him along with several other students to request they volunteer as he felt they all had potential in becoming teachers themselves. Maria is disappointed, but learned it was probably better the teacher was behaving professionally.

Alden Jones

This guy to most seems the height of cool... he's good-looking and easygoing. But the nicest thing about Alden is that he has no clue just how adorable he is. He's always stunned when he hears that girls think he's cute. "Me? Are you sure?" Not that Alden's uncomfortable with the ladies - he has three sisters, so girls are no big mystery to him. Like a lot of guys, Alden's into video games and sports. He's a talented hockey player, and he plays guitar in a band called "Mangled Metal" with his buddies Brock and Carmen. They practice really hard, and many think the band's gotten pretty good! They won't be playing Madison Square Garden any time soon, but that doesn't stop Alden from having rock-star dreams. He was Sharon's first crush, who still keeps a friendship-boyfriend and girlfriend type of relationship with Sharon. Alden Jones, was good boyfriend for Sharon in first series "Braceface" Cartoon. Alden came back to Sharon in episode "Leap of Faith".

Connor MacKenzie

Sharon's other best friend who plays the show's stereotypical geek. He lives in her neighbourhood and treats Josh as a surrogate little brother, who Josh can come to if he's having a problem his family can't help him with. Connor has been Sharon's neighbour and friend since diaper days - so long that sometimes Sharon forgets he's part of the same confusing species that boyfriends come from. Connor and Sharon enjoy all the same stuff - hanging out at the smoothie shop, going to the movies, doing yoga... Well, maybe not ALL the same stuff. Connor's allergic to yoga. Actually, he's allergic to pretty much everything. Thanks to his awkwardness, allergies and a touch of hypochondria, Connor has a reputation as an oddball - but Sharon and his good friends know that there's way more to 'the walking sneeze' than that. He's a whiz at science, believes in extra-terrestrial life, and he plays a wicked game of cards. And when it comes right down to it, Connor doesn't care what most people think of him. He's okay with himself. And as long as his friends are too, what's the problem? Connor eventually overcomes some of his oddball ways to sum up the courage to tell Alyson how he feels about her.

Nina Harper

The school's most popular girl who makes it personal to try to make Sharon's life impossible. Beautiful, vicious, and snobbish, Nina Harper is someone you do not want to cross. Sharon got on Nina's bad side many years ago, when someone snapped the heads off all of little Nina's precious unique dolls... and Nina decided that Sharon was the guilty party. Ever since, Nina's been doing her best to wreck Sharon's life and those who dare attach themselves too her. Example: Nina was the one who stuck Sharon with the nickname "Braceface"- and for that, Sharon will never forgive her. Nina has all the money a kid could ever want, and a wardrobe that Sharon would give her right arm for. She's also smart enough to be at the top of her class. So for Nina, the big dilemma is should she graduate from a university before or after her career as an international fashion model? Part of this reinforces her attitude as a heartless bully who subjugates those she sees as flawed to ridicule and pull spiteful pranks on people like Sharon or Connor. Not many kids actually like Nina - but there are quite a few who wouldn't mind being her. Loved by adults, feared by her peers - Nina Harper is a force to be reckoned with.

Mr. Richard Spitz

Sharon's musician father, having a dad who's a professional rock drummer is fun - except for the part about his being out on tour all the time. And since the divorce, it's been even harder for Sharon to spend time with her father. But Richard is determined to be the best dad he can be - so he keeps an apartment in Elkford, and he's made a few lifestyle changes so he won't be on the road as much. Which is great! But Sharon knows that whether he's in town or not, her Dad will always be there for her when she needs him.

Brock Leighton

Brock is Alden's best buddy and co-founder of their band. He's the kind of guy who's always trying to get attention - like once, he tried to tattoo a 'B' on his arm, but it came out looking like a 13 instead. Which freaks people right out, but at least it gets Brock noticed. If you drew a map of Brock's brain, there would be a corner for the band, a couple of parts labeled 'school' and 'sports' - then a great big chunk reserved for thinking about girls. He works really hard at his 'ladies man' persona, but he's not fooling anyone - especially not Maria. Brock's had a not-so-secret crush on Maria for a long time. Deep down, Brock's not as confident as he seems. In fact, he's kind of jealous of how easy it is for Alden to meet girls and come off looking cool. But Brock shouldn't sell himself short - if you can get him to quit clowning around, you'll discover that he's an amazingly sweet guy. A friend of Sharon's, who later goes out with Maria.

Alyson Malicky

A sweet girl, rather feminine, Connor's crush, and a childhood friend of Nina. She and Nina used to be best friends and in high school Alyson becomes a friend of Sharon's. She likes Connor, and dates him for a while.


An athletic girl who likes hockey, she is a friend of Sharon and Maria. She goes out with Alden after he and Sharon break up.


Mr. Spitz's girlfriend, she works at a publicity promotion company.


Lauren's son, who initially dislikes Sharon a lot. He later goes out with Nina.


Ms. Helen Spitz Boyfriend, he struggles hard to be supportive of her and tries bonding with her offspring with not always successful results especially with Sharon or Adam.


Adam's girlfriend, Sharon in fact helped get her brother and her together after she moved into the neighborhood.

Dion (a.k.a. Mark Jones)

For Sharon, meeting Dion was the best thing to happen to her in grade nine. This eccentric senior was assigned to Sharon as a 'mentor' to help ease the transition into high school, but since then, Dion has become her close friend and confidant. His real moniker is 'Mark Jones' but he prefers to go by 'Dion' in honour of Celine Dion, the musical diva he adores. Dion is a budding fashion designer, and his innovative creations - usually made of stuff like dental floss or credit cards - are the hit of the school fashion shows. His dream is to get into the Fashion Institute in New York and go on to a fabulous career. Sweet, flamboyant and funny, Dion has an outrageous personal style, and he always speaks his mind. He'd rather stand out than fit in - and Dion has no time for anyone who doesn't 'get' that. When Sharon gets too hung up on what other people think of her, Dion is the first to remind Sharon how cool she really is. Although obviously gay Mark Dion Jones is shown to be one who doesn't fit the stereotypical homosexual character.

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  • Volume 2: Getting Real
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  • Miss Popular, Brace Yourself, Getting Real, Twist of Fate (4 pack DVDs)

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