slipper flower


For another genus Calceolaria Heist. ex Fabr., see its current accepted name Cypripedium.

Calceolaria L., also called Lady's purse, Slipper flower and Pocketbook flower, or Slipperwort, is a genus of plants in the Calceolariaceae family, sometimes classified in Scrophulariaceae by some authors. This genus consists of about 388 species of shrubs, lianas and herbs, and the geographic range extends from Patagonia to central Mexico, with its distribution centre in Andean region. Calceolaria in latin means shoemaker.

Calceolarias have usually yellow or orange flowers, which can have red or purple spots.

The species of Calceolaria include:


  • Andersson, Stephan 2006. On the phylogeny of the genus Calceolaria (Calceolariaceae) as inferred from ITS and plastid matK sequences. Taxon 55(1):125-137.

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