The movement of a mass of rock or soil down a slope. The term is used to describe a variety of phenomena, from rock falls to the gradual downhill flow of soil. Landslides occur when the force of gravity acting on the materials within a slope overcomes the material's resistance to shearing. Among the processes that can lead to a landslide are the steepening of a slope by natural erosion or excavation, the overloading of the slope by an inflow of water, and the motion caused by an earthquake.

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Slide could be related to any of these.


Photography and optics

  • Microscope slide - a thin glass sheet used to hold objects for examination.
  • Photographic slide or transparency - a thin translucent photograph bound in paper, plastic or similar frame and often used for projection with use of a slide projector for a slideshow.
  • A slide edit - a video editing term for moving a clip around in a timeline.
  • - a website that offers groups the ability to discover, share, and talk about photos together.




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