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Kenneth Johnson (born December 8, 1943), better known to wrestling fans as "Slick - The Doctor Of Style", is a former American professional wrestling manager with the World Wrestling Federation (WWF). He achieved his greatest success managing The Twin Towers. Johnson made history in 1986 becoming the first African American manager in WWF history.

Early career

At the start of his career, Johnson did a stint in Texas All-Star Wrestling, managing Madd Maxx and Lord Humongus. He left TASW for Kansas City's Central States Wrestling to become "The Doctor of Style", Slick, characterized by his smooth attitude, confident speech, and dancing as he accompanied his wrestlers to the ring; among the wrestlers he managed in Central States were Art Crews, Timothy Flowers, Bobby Jaggers, "Bulldog" Bob Brown, and Butch Reed. Slick and his stable feuded with Kansas City mainstay Rufus R. Jones and other fan favourites before he and Reed were forced out of the territory after dropping a "Loser Leaves Town" match to Bruiser Brody.

World Wrestling Federation

Slick debuted in the WWF in September 1986 after he purchased a "half interest" in "Classy" Freddie Blassie's heel stable. Blassie was not in the best of health, and was being slowly phased out of storylines. Slick eventually took over all managerial duties from Blassie initially managing Nikolai Volkoff and the Iron Sheik.

Slick's biggest success as a manager came when he took Akeem and the Big Boss Man, the Twin Towers, to main event matches against Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage, The Mega Powers. Slick would also manage Butch Reed, The Bolsheviks, Rick Martel, Power and Glory, and The Warlord.

In November 1991, Slick went on an extended leave of absence after being powerslammed by Davey Boy Smith. He returned in December 1992 as the "Reverend Slick". This gimmick was a take on his real life, as Johnson was a Born-again Christian. He sometimes appeared on WWF programming to give a "sermon" that was usually a simple, uplifting message; he rarely (if ever) mentioned Jesus Christ or God. His main storyline under this gimmick was to take Kamala from the hands of Harvey Wippleman and Kim Chee to convince him that he was not just a Ugandan monster who deserved constant berating, but a man, and he tried to instill Kamala with self-respect (including a memorable segment where Slick and Kamala went bowling).

Post wrestling career

Johnson is now an ordained minister in Fort Worth, Texas. On April 1 2007, Johnson, reprising his role as Slick, appeared at WrestleMania 23, dancing with various WWE superstars and legends.

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