Sleepy's multiple worlds

Sleepy's multiple worlds, also known as multiple worlds or MW, is a Multiple Worlds talker that used NUTS 2.1 code as its basis. It has been in operation since 1995. Sleepy's multiple worlds was formed due to a fight between Sleepy, who was the Super User of lintilla and Ratatosk, who was the owner of lintilla Sleepy's multiple worlds holds an important place in the history of adult-oriented talkers, due to this controversy and the impact that it had on the popularity of talkers generally. As at November 2005, Alexa ranks Sleepy's multiple worlds as the 3rd most popular talker in the world , behind Surfers and Resort. It has some claims to being the most popular adult-orientated talker in history


When Sleepy was fired from lintilla, Graeme, the coder of lintilla, sabotaged lintilla's servers, taking with him all of the code that he had created, and making any backups impossible. During this time, lintilla for all intents and purposes did not exist, as they were reverted back to basic NUTS 2.1 code. Sleepy published details about what had happened, and the majority of users took her side, and moved to her talkers. As such, when Sleepy's multiple worlds first opened, it had the entire user group of lintilla, which was, at that stage, the most popular adult-orientated talker in the world.

Peace with lintilla

When lintilla re-created its code, thanks to their new coder, there was a fear from its owner Ratatosk that Graeme may still be able to hack in to their server and destroy the code. Therefore, he made peace with Sleepy, officially at least. Ratatosk had previously been impersonating Sleepy, and pretending to be her on the lintilla talker, to try to smear her good name. He agreed to cease that in return for an agreement from Sleepy that no further hacking would take place. They both kept up their end of the bargain.

Current status

Unknown; as of early February, 2008, Sleepy's domain,, was offline.


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