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A sleeper is a person who is sleeping. A daysleeper is a person who sleeps during the day, usually due to working a night shift.

"Sleeper" or "sleepers" may also refer to:


  • Sleeper hit, a work, such as a movie ("sleeper film"), book, or product, that obtains unexpected recognition or success

Film & television


  • Sleeper (comic book), a comic book published by DC Comics
  • Sleeper was a giant robot in the Captain America comics that was installed by the Red Skull in Germany to sleep for twenty years and then destroy the world
  • The Sleeper Awakes, a science fiction novel by H. G. Wells
  • Sleepers, a 1995 novel by Lorenzo Carcaterra, allegedly based on a true story
  • The Sleeper (Wild Cards), Croyd Crenson, a character in the Wild Cards literary series who periodically hibernates for a period of time, awakening each time in a new body.



  • In fantasy sports a player who is drafted late in a draft, but exceeds production from what would be expected from one drafted there.
  • A sleeper hold is a type of chokehold used in professional wrestling

Transportation and construction

  • In rail transport, a name for the sleeping car with beds
  • In bus transport, sleeper bus
  • A railroad tie is also referred to as a "railway sleeper"
  • In road transport, a truck with a sleeping compartment
  • In construction and shipbuilding, a strong internal beam, especially railroad ties supporting rail tracks
  • Sleeper (car), an automobile that has any manner of modified engine, drivetrain, suspension, brakes or other parts, with the goal of improving its original performance, while still maintaining the outward appearance of a stock, factory equipped vehicle; the British term for this is Q-car

Other uses

  • Sleeper is slang for a criminal hired to kill people (put them to sleep) or who has spent time in a correctional facility
  • Sleeper agent, a secret agent left long inactive
  • Sleeper cell, a similar group of agents
  • Sleeper (fish), a perciform fish of the family Eleotridae
  • In business, synonym for sleeping partner
  • Blanket sleeper, a one-piece, footed sleeping garment
  • A type of couch, also known as a fold-out couch or hide-a-bed
  • An earring, originally one designed to be worn at night (i.e. while sleeping) to keep the hole in a pierced ear open. In the 1960s, small hoops were often used for this purpose, so this term is sometimes used to describe a small hoop earring. Other people use it to refer to the studs commonly used to pierce ears.
  • A yo-yo trick, "the sleeper"
  • A sleeper is a low inland dike, obsoleted by a new dike closer to the shore

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