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List of current Home and Away characters

This is a list of current Home and Away characters.


Baker family

The extended Baker family now consists of Dan's widow Leah, and Amanda's daughter Belle.

Leah Patterson-Baker

  • First episode: 2793
  • Tenure: 2000-
  • Age: 30 - born 1978 she was in the same year in high school as Rachel
  • Lives at: 6 James Street
  • Marital status: Vinnie Patterson (2001-2005), Dan Baker (widowed, 2005-2008)
  • Parents: Theo and Helen Poulos
  • Siblings: Dimitri, Chris, and Alex
  • Children: VJ Patterson
  • Portrayed by: Ada Nicodemou

Leah, daughter of Cypriot-born Theo and Helen Poulos, and sister to Dimitri, Alex and Chris, arrived in Summer Bay in 2000, as a runaway bride trying to get out of an arranged marriage. She soon found real love with local bad boy Vinnie Patterson (Ryan Kwanten), and in 2001 they were married. That same year, Leah gave birth to Vinnie "V.J." Patterson Jr (Cooper Scott). Things, however, took a turn for the worse when Vinnie went to jail to pay for his father's fraud crimes.

As Vinnie was apparently killed by a fire, Leah fell in love with Jesse McGregor (Ben Unwin). They became a couple, but broke up. After Peter Baker (Nicholas Bishop) told her that Vinnie was alive (albeit under a new identity in the Witness Protection Programme, as a result of having testified against a dangerous criminal), Leah went to drastic lengths to be with him, but fell in love with Dan Baker (Tim Campbell). In mid 2005, the couple got married. In the 2005 season finale, Leah found out that Dan had started gambling again and was devastated. They broke up, even though she was pregnant with his child. In early 2006, Dan and Leah patched things up and got back together. However, Leah then kissed Dan's brother Peter in a moment of weakness, and after an accident in which she fell into the sea, she caught pneumonia and lost the baby. When Dan discovered that she and Peter had kissed, they had a period of separation, though they reconciled.

Dan left the Bay in 2007 to take a job in America. He was killed off-screen in an abseiling accident in February 2008. Later in 2008, Leah started to have feelings for Miles Copeland which after a heart-to-heart they decided not to act on.

Susan "Belle" Taylor

  • First episode: 4115
  • Tenure: 2006-
  • Age: 19
  • Lives at: The Beach House
  • Parents: Amanda Vale
  • Siblings: Ryan
  • Marital Status:dating Angelo Rossetta, dated Aden Jefferies,Drew Curtis,Lucas Holden and Ric Dalby,Also kissed Dom
  • Portrayed by: Jessica Tovey

Belle first arrived in the Bay at sixteen years old having just found out she was adopted and on a mission to locate her birth mother. Her adopted parents had brought her up in a very controlled and over-disciplined manner and as a teenager Belle had rebelled against their conservative lifestyle.

She quickly caught the eye of Ric Dalby (Mark Furze), making an enemy of Cassie Turner (Sharni Vinson) in the process. Her constant presence in their relationship put them under a lot of strain, which Belle took advantage of in an attempt to steal Ric away from Cassie. Her scheming paid off and Belle quickly snatched Ric up for herself.

She continued to create havoc in the bay causing a fierce rivalry between herself, Matilda Hunter (Indiana Evans) and Cassie. She has managed to, in her short time in the Bay, to have already broken up both Cassie and Ric and Matilda and Lucas Holden (Rhys Wakefield) despite her unflattering personality. Belle received her comeuppance when one spiteful remark upset Matilda so much that she gave Belle an almighty slap around the face, much to the amusement of Cassie.

Belle's purpose for coming to the Bay was to find her mother; and in April 2006 it was revealed that Amanda Baker (Holly Brisley), a woman she despised, was her mother. The explosion at Jack and Martha's wedding and the subsequent chopper crash that left Belle, amongst others, lost in the Bush led to Amanda miraculously 'feeling' Belle being bitten by a spider and leading the rescue teams to them.

With Belle devastated by Ric's decision to get back with his ex Cassie and desperate to win him back, Amanda came up with elaborate schemes to help and caught up on the idea of having a 'cool' mum relations thawed between the two and Belle moved in with Amanda. Eventually realising that Ric was not going to be won round Belle got together with Drew Curtis until Drew suddenly dumped her, seemingly for another woman. Turning to Amanda for support Belle was devastated when Amanda confided that she was in fact the other woman and Belle ran straight back to Irene and her friend Lucas, eventually getting together with him.

Belle found herself once again encountering Dom Moran, who had previously caused problems for her and her ex-boyfriend Ric, when Drew began buying car parts from him. The parts turned out to be stolen and Dom, who seemed to have a thing for Belle, agreed to take responsibility in return for Belle kissing him. When he was released from jail, he effectively kidnapped Belle and when Drew rescued her he ended up running Dom down. When Dom turned up injured at the Diner, Belle took him to hospital and, much to Drew's consternation, started visiting him there. Their relationship took a turn for the worse when Belle printed a story about Sally that upset the whole town. When Drew attacked Belle's boss at the newspaper and quit her job for her, Belle got furious. That night they had a huge argument and said that they don't love each other anymore. Drew left Summer Bay the next day. They were both devastated about the break-up. Although, he came back a few days later to say good-bye to Leah, his friends and Belle properly.

After Sam Holden was found dead on the beach, Belle quit her job at the Coastal News after constantly having to have to go against her beliefs. She now works at the Den with her step-aunt Leah Patterson-Baker.

She started dating Aden Jefferies after the pair finally kissed on 12 June. After weeks of keeping their relationship a secret she finally admitted her feelings to Irene Roberts. Just recently Aden told Belle that she was the best thing that had ever happened to him and told her about his grandfather.

It would now seem that Aden and Belle's relationship is to be continually rocky as spoilers issued on the Back to the Bay forum site and TV Week implied that the two would break up as a result of Aden taking his father and Rachel hostage. The news of this has been met with grave displeasure by fans of Home and Away - who felt the Aden and Belle (Adelle) relationship was the best storyline on the show. On the Back to the Bay forum site, the Aden and Belle appreciation thread is now well over 300 pages with a number of dedicated posters even organising a petition to keep the pair together.

Belle is currently dating Angelo Rosetta.

Buckton family

The Buckton family consists of Charlie and Ruby. Their father Ross is also currently in the show, but is a recurring guest, not a regular.

Charlie Buckton

  • First episode: 4655
  • Tenure: 2008-
  • Age: 26
  • Lives at: 6 James Street
  • Marital status: casually dating Roman Harris
  • Parents: Ross Buckton, Elsie Buckton (dec.) Morag Bellingham (stepmother)
  • Siblings: Ruby Buckton
  • Children: none
  • Portrayed by: Esther Anderson

Charlie arrived in Summer Bay in episode 4655, 2008, trying to break up Ross and Morag's romance, but was not successful. She was introduced to Summer Bay as a bitter, unfair, miserable, and unkind person, due to her anger towards her father and Morag's relationship (she feels that he has moved on from her mother, who recently died, too soon). However she eventually warms to the relationship and aplogises to Morag for her rudeness and helps her Father organise a special dinner at which he proposes to Morag.

Ruby Buckton

  • First episode: 4665
  • Tenure: 2008-
  • Age: 15
  • Lives at: 6 James Street
  • Marital status: Single, dated Pat Jenkins
  • Parents: Ross Buckton, Elsie Buckton (dec.) Morag Bellingham (step-mum)
  • Siblings: Charlie Buckton
  • Children: none
  • Portrayed by: Rebecca Breeds

Ruby arrived in Summer Bay in episode 4665, 2008, with her boyfriend Pat, looking for Charlie and her dad, Ross. She has a confident, bubbly, and nice personality. She is currently friends with Jai Fernandez and Annie and Geoff Campbell.

Campbell family

Siblings Geoffrey and Annie make up the Campbell family.

Geoffrey Campbell

Geoff first appeared, along with his sister Annie Campbell in episode 4443, when the Campbell siblings found Martha Mackenzie asleep in their barn. They had lived most of their lives in isolation after the deaths of their parents, and their grandfather Bruce was dangerously controlling. Geoff went against Bruce to join the school rugby team, and eventually, after a long feud, with Annie and Geoff moving out of the house, Bruce relented and came to watch his grandson play. Soon after he died of a heart attack. Geoff is a committed Christian and plans to become a minister. On April 23 he asked Melody Jones out on a date despite being infatuated with Nicole Franklin. In late April 2008 he became the subject of a bet between Nicole Franklin and Aden Jefferies. On May 1 he and Melody shared their first kiss. However, their relationship is objected to by Melody's mother, and she issued an Intervention Order against Geoff. Geoff finds out what happened to Melody the night at Nicole's party with Axel and has a go at him. Melody broke up with Geoff because she needed some space. During this time Geoff started spending more time with Nicole, but then she met Elliott. Geoff starts to get jealous and shows that he has feelings for her. He then goes with Elliot and Nicole when Elliot kidnaps her and attempts to rescue Nicole with a harpoon gun, but is shot by Elliot. He then kisses Nicole underwater and the two become stranded on an island. While on the island Nicole gradually begins to have trouble breathing and Geoff starts to get worried while they also admit their feelings for each other and share a kiss and end up sleeping together. They get rescued and both are ok. After Sleeping with Geoff they became a couple but Geoff was very guilty about sleeping with her out of marriage so proposed to her, she said no because it would be stupid so they decided to stay as a couple on his condition that they would not have sex again. Nicole went to visit Aden at the clinic he was at were she saw Melody who asked her to ask Geoff to come and see her. Nicole went back to Geoff's and tried to seduce him again he said she did not care about how he felt about the issue and she left. Later Geoff went with Belle to see Aden and saw Melody who told him to thank Nicole for passing on the message which she actually didn't. He went to Nicole's were he broke it off with her for not telling him about Melody. Melody escaped from the facility and Nicole ended up finding her at the school, Melody saw a kinder side to Nicole and Geoff heard everything Nicole said. Geoff told Nicole that he wants to get back together with her but Nicole said she's not ready. There is still plenty of chemistry between the two and it is a matter of time before they get back together

Annie Campbell

  • First episode: 4443
  • Tenure: 2007-
  • Age: 15 (born 1993)
  • Lives at: The Beach House (Irene's Place)
  • Grandfather: Bruce Campbell (dec.)
  • Parents: Jim and Tania Campbell (both dec.) Irene Roberts (foster mother)
  • Siblings: Geoff Campbell
  • Marital Status: dating Jai
  • Portrayed by: Charlotte Best

Annie first appeared, along with her brother Geoff Campbell in episode 4443, when the Campbell siblings found Martha Mackenzie asleep in their barn. She and Geoff are orphaned after their parents died on a head-on collision at Yabbie Creek. She is a caring young teenager. She has made friends with Lucas Holden (Rhys Wakefield), who has been helping her learn how to read. She cared about her grandfather dearly, but she was also afraid that he was losing it after firing a shot gun at Aden Jefferies. Annie has been cared for by long-term resident Irene Roberts and has also struck up a friendship with Belle Taylor although she sometimes judges the teenager for being rather promiscuous. Her strict religious upbringing from her pop Bruce Campbell means she is a very exaggerated Christian. Annie moved back in with Irene following her grandfather's death. She became good friends with Nicole and was given fashionable clothes, but it was a way for Nicole to chum up Geoff for a bet. Having been told by Melody Jones what happened the night of Nicole's party with Axel, Annie tells Geoff and word gets around. Annie is now dating Jai Fernandaz. She is also trying to help her friend Ruby Buckton whose father is suffering Alzheimers.

Harris family

The Harris family consists of Roman, his daughter, Nicole.

Roman Harris

  • First episode: 4554
  • Tenure: 2007-
  • Age: unknown
  • Lives at: The Beachside Apartment
  • Marital status: dating Charlie Buckton
  • Parents: Martha and Angus Harris
  • Siblings: One of seven children.
  • Children: Nicole Harris, Martha Miscarried his unborn daughter Lindsay
  • Portrayed by: Conrad Coleby

Roman appeared in episode 4554, late 2007. He learnt from Leah that she was selling her half of the diner. Roman was interested and started a trial period. Irene didn't like him, but loved his food. He is trying to cope with raising his high maintenance teenage daughter, Nicole, who came to live with him in Summer Bay completely unannounced. He was in a relationship with Martha and he is currently dating Charlie Buckton. It was revealed that he is the father of Martha's unborn child. A young man named Elliot came to town looking for Roman, it is revealed Elliot wants revenge for his brothers death, which he believes Roman had something to do with. Elliot starts a relationship with Nicole to get back at Roman. When he is found out Roman and Nicole are lead to believe Elliot had left, but he comes back and kidnaps Nicole, Geoff who now has feelings for Nicole gets on a boat with both Nicole and Elliot. In the middle of the ocean he leaves Nicole and Geoff in the water, they later wash up of the beach of an Island stranded. In the mean time Elliot leaves a tape for Roman, showing Elliot and Nicole (tied up) he tells Roman that if he doesn't do what he says he will kill Nicole. Roman goes in hunt of Nicole, and falls into many of Elliot's traps and gets badly hurt, however he manages to overcome Elliot and takes him down the police station. They later find Nicole and Geoff on a island, they will both be fine. Whilst he is at the hospital with Nicole he learns from Jack (Martha's Husband) that, his and Martha's baby has died.

Nicole Franklin

  • First episode: 4620
  • Tenure: 2008-
  • Age: 17
  • Lives at: The Beachside Apartment
  • Parents: Nat Franklin (mother) and Roman Harris (father)
  • Siblings: Lindsay (died via miscarriage)
  • Marital status: dated Elliot Gillien, has kissed Aden Jefferies, Geoffrey Campbell, and the kitchen man at school camp.
  • Portrayed by: Tessa James

Nicole was raised by her grandparents and didn't meet her father Roman Harris until her early teens. Nicole arrived in Summer Bay on April 18, 2008 to live with her father, Roman. She currently attends Summer Bay High. She is perceived by viewers as a snobby, materialistic, rich girl. Geoff saw her true colours on her first day of school when she had a go at some Year 11 girls. Nicole loves to stir others for fun. Since her arrival she has caught the attention of Aden Jefferies and Geoff Campbell, on April 22 Aden tried to kiss her after warning Geoff off her. A bet between Nicole and Aden saw her come between Geoff and girlfriend Melody Jones, however Geoff clocked on to what was going on and got his revenge on Nicole. On May 20 Aden and Nicole had their first kiss which almost lead to them sleeping together. This week between June 9 - 13th it becomes apparent that Nicole has a crush on Aden when she gets jealous of him spending time with Belle. Nicole will soon find herself a new love interest when she gets involved with Elliot, a 26 year old from Roman's past. However, it is rumored that she begins dating Geoff Campbell. Elliot kidnaps Nicole and Geoff and leaves them stranded in the ocean in a bid to get back at Roman, they later wash up on a beach. Whilst on an island together, Nicole and Geoff reveal their feelings for one another and they kiss and sleep together. They are later found and rescued by Roman, who was in a chopper. They are brought to hospital and they will both be fine. After Sleeping with Geoff they became a couple but Geoff was very guilty about sleeping with her out of marriage so proposed to her, she said no because it would be stupid so they decided to stay as a couple on his condition that they would not have sex again. Nicole went to visit Aden at the clinic he was at were she saw Melody who asked her to ask Geoff to come and see her. Nicole went back to Geoff's and tried to seduce him again he said she did not care about how he felt about the issue and she left. Later Geoff went with Belle to see Aden and saw Melody who told him to thank Nicole for passing on the message which she actually didn't. He went to Nicole's were he broke it off with her for not telling him about Melody. Then melody soon runs away and Geoff and Nicole have to search for her. Nicole finds her and comforts melody but calls the police so Melody can get help that she needs. Geoff really appreciate what Nicole has done for Melody and offers to go back to dating, but she declines and says they should just be friends.

Holden family

Tony Holden and his sons Jack and Lucas (Lucas has now left) arrived in Summer Bay in 2005.

Anthony "Tony" Holden

  • First episode: 4020
  • Tenure: 2005-
  • Age: 42
  • Lives at: 33 Saxon Avenue
  • Marital status: Engaged to Rachel Armstrong .
  • Children: Jack and Lucas
  • Portrayed by: Jon Sivewright

Tony arrived in Summer Bay in 2005, in episode 4020, with his sons, police officer Jack and teenager Lucas, moving in next door to the Hunter family. He then began a relationship with Beth Hunter (his wife, Kate, died as the result of a road accident 17 years previously) and the Holdens eventually moved in with her and her children.

Tony was the Physical Education teacher at Summer Bay High, until, due to staff cutbacks, Brad Armstrong (Chris Sadrinna) had to let him go. But he wasn't out of a job for long, with a position opening up at the Gym, when Kim Hyde (Chris Hemsworth) was accused of sexual assault.

During 2007 Beth died in a car crash, but Tony has to some extent moved on, and slept with Naomi, who had previously slept with Lucas at a writers' camp. Lucas was still keen on Naomi, even though she had become his teacher at Summer Bay High School and he and Tony had a falling out over the situation. Afterwards Tony had a fling with Jazz Curtis, Drew's mother, but it ended when she left town.

He has now been dating Doctor Rachel Armstrong from early 2008. Tony proposed to Rachel and she happily accepted. Unfortunately due to scarring from his vasectomy Tony's chances of having children are low and he wants Rachel to be happy. Tony has the operation and all goes well as far as the viewers know but he is also be stalked by Jimmy Crawford a patient of Rachel Armstrong who has an obsession with her.

Jack Anthony Holden

  • First episode: 4020
  • Tenure: 2005-
  • Lives at: 31 Saxon Avenue
  • Marital status: Martha MacKenzie (2006-2007; divorced), Sam Holden (2007-2008; deceased), Martha Mackenzie (Married again 2008-)
  • Parents: Tony and Kate Holden
  • Siblings: Lucas Holden
  • Children: none
  • Portrayed by: Paul O'Brien

Jack and his family moved to Summer Bay in 2005 after having to leave their previous home when Jack shot a teenage girl while on duty as a police officer.

Jack married Martha MacKenzie (Jodi Gordon) in 2006, but due to his work they later separated. To make matters worse, he was beaten up by an accomplice of Dennis Gillen, which made him temporarily unable to walk. Whilst in rehab, he met Sam, who helped Jack to eventually walk again. Their relationship blossomed, with Jack bonding with her son, Rory. When Jack dug a little deeper he found out that she was on the run from a drug dealing husband, thus bringing her to Summer Bay.

Despite continual references to unresolved feelings between Jack and Martha, Jack and Sam married, but the marriage fell apart when Jack read a letter from Johnny Cooper which claimed that it was Sam who was behind the whole drug dealing - and not her husband Shane. The letter also stated that Sam had killed Johnny. After this whole "Sam killed Johnny incident", Sam's body was found washed up at the beach. Jack and Martha were the prime suspects and Jack had a 50/50 chance of losing his job due to the evidence that Sam brought to the police on Jack having in the past broken the law in order to save Martha. It was then discovered by Morag Bellingham (Martha's great-aunt) that Sam killed herself and tried to make it look like murder in an attempt to punish Jack and Martha.

The day after Sam's burial, Jack and Martha got back together. As they thought it was too soon, they planned on keeping their union top secret, but they were soon found out when Alf walked in on the pair kissing. The news of Jack and Martha's relationship soon traveled around Summer Bay, where everyone had an opinion.

Jack and Martha are currently engaged, however Martha is pregnant and, known and accepted to Jack, he is scared her ex-boyfriend, Roman, is the father of the baby. Now it is found that Martha has breast cancer,she will keep the baby and take treatment after the baby is born, Jack is not happy as he does not want to lose Martha. Jack and Martha eventually tie the knot in the hospital chapel, but Martha's heart stops and she collapses. She is brought back around and after an ultrasound Jack and Martha learn that the baby has died.

Martha Jane MacKenzie Holden

  • First episode: 169
  • Tenure: 1989, 2005
  • Age: 21 (born September 1988, but SORASed by 18 months)
  • Lives at: 31 Saxon Avenue
  • Lives with: Jack Holden
  • Marital status: Married to Jack Holden (ex-husband, husband)
  • Parents: Brett Macklin and Ruth "Roo" Stewart (biological)
  • Siblings: Michael "Macca" MacKenzie (adoptive)
  • Grandparents: Alfred "Alf" Stewart and Martha Stewart
  • Cousin: Ric Dalby
  • Children: Termination(2007) and Miscarriage(2008, daughter Lindsay)
  • Portrayed by: Jodi Gordon

Martha is a feisty tomboy but also likes to be treated like a lady from time to time. She joined the cast in 2005.

Initially she clashed with Jack Holden (Paul O'Brien) and Martha played a trick on him which left him in hospital. However, this only brought them closer together and they eventually married in 2006.

They separated after a few months, after Martha realised neither of them were ready for marriage. On the rebound, she started dating one of Jack's colleagues and long-time friends, Ash Nader, and was eventually made aware that he has a wife and kids of his own. She decided to stay with him, but after a while realised that she would just be better of without him. However, she then found out that she was pregnant with his child, and decided to have an abortion. Martha began to go off the rails, mainly due to her guilt over the abortion and met night club owner Cam, who manipulated her and alienated her from her family and manipulated Martha into pole dancing. However, when Cam nearly killed Martha in a fire and Jack saved her she saw his true colours and broke up with him.

After all these incidents, Jack thought about getting back together with Martha. However, he found the divorce papers in a drawer at the Surf Club. After the divorce, Jack moved on with Sam Tolhurst whom he previously dated but the relationship abruptly ended when she left the bay running from her ex-husband. Sam and Jack soon got engaged.

Vowing to move on from Jack, Martha formed a strong connection her old enemy Jonah, but he broke it off when he found out that she still had feelings for Jack. Martha then realized that she was in love with Jack and tried to stop his wedding. But she was too late. Jack had already married Sam. After Jack and Sam's wedding, Martha decided to let Jack go and be happy.

A couple of months later Martha found happiness when she started dating local chef, Roman Harris. Then Sam was found out to be Johnny's killer. This terrorized the whole town. Sam's body was then found washed up on to the beach. Jack and Martha were prime suspects in her murder. This caused them to become closer to find out who really killed Sam and to clear their names. They were both cleared of all charges when Morag Bellingham found out that Sam killed herself and tried to make look like murder and blame Jack and Martha. Martha's relationship with Roman quickly ended when he broke it off because of her feelings for Jack.

The day after Sam's funeral, Martha and Jack got back together. Many residents were against their relationship at first but realised they were happy. Their happiness was not to last though, as Martha discovered she was pregnant, and there was a very real possibility Roman could be the father. She told Rachel Armstrong first as soon as Jack approached them they stopped talking. Jack then becomes suspicious of Martha talking with Roman. Martha is forced to tell him and Jack then finds out about this and is upset and angry when Martha tells him that he needs to let Roman be involved with decisions about the baby. They will find out who the father is eventually, but will it be the guy Martha wants it to be? Martha has agreed with Roman and Jack that the DNA testing will be happening after the birth, but to keep Roman involved until then.

Martha soon discovers a lump on her breast and finds out it is cancer, the only why she can beat the cancer is to abort her child. Martha decides that she will have the surgery , but won't start treatment until her baby has been born, meaning she could die in the mean time. Jack is very upset by this and hopes that she will change her mind. Also we will find out Martha's unborn baby's father is Roman. Jack is extremely angry at first as Roman is not as supportive as he would have hoped. Jack feels that Martha should terminate the pregnancy, because her health is more important. After Martha goes into hospital again Jack suggests they get married in the hospital chapel, Martha agrees and they get married in a beautiful ceremony, however Martha collapses and her heart stops. She is brought back around only to learn her baby hasn't survived. She has a ceremony for her baby with Jack and a few others so she can move on from the past. Later Jack and Martha discuss the chemo and consider their future and their longing for a baby. She later starts the chemo and is worried after her hair starts to fall out.

Stewart Family

Alfred "Alf" Stewart

  • First episode: Pilot
  • Tenure: 1988-
  • Age: 63
  • Lives at: Summer Bay House
  • Marital status: Martha Baldivis (1969-1985; deceased), Ailsa Hogan (1988-2000; deceased)
  • Parents: Gordon and Sarah-Jane Stewart
  • Siblings: Debra, Morag, Barbara, Celia and Colleen
  • Children: Owen Dalby, Quinn Jackson, Ruth 'Roo' and Duncan
  • Grandchildren Eric 'Ric' Dalby and Martha 'Mac' MacKenzie
  • Portrayed by: Ray Meagher

Alf Stewart has been in Home and Away since the first episode. His sister Morag has been a recurring character since 1988. His long-lost grandchildren Ric Dalby (2004-2008) and Martha Holden (2005- ) joined him. Colleen Smart has been revealed as Alf and Morag's half-sister in March 2008. Alf has offered a bait shop job to Ric.

Colleen Stewart

  • First episode: 36
  • Tenure: 1988-1989, 1999-
  • Lives at: The Caravan Park
  • Marital Status: Les Smart (divorced)
  • Parents: Gordon Stewart and Mavis Hickie
  • Siblings': Morag Bellingham, Alf, Celia and Barbara Stewart
  • Children: Lance Smart and Maureen Evans
  • Portrayed by: Lyn Collingwood

Colleen has been in Summer Bay for years, as the mother of original character Lance Smart, a son of whom she is very proud. She first appeared in 1988, in episode 36. But it wasn't until 1999 that Colleen made a big impression on the Bay as the official town gossip (although she was one of Celia's gossiping mates in the early years of Home And Away). Colleen’s claim to fame is that she won the 'Miss Groper Pageant' in 1959 and years after the event she reorganised it and forced Tasha into the competition. Colleen once suffered a gambling addiction and was forced to go to "Gamblers Anonymous" classes by Shelley Sutherland. However, during her first class, Colleen said that it was Shelly who had the addiction. She currently works at the Diner and previously was a receptionist at Flynn's surgery. In 2008 Colleen uncovered a history book revealing that she is part of the Stewart family with Alf and Morag as her siblings.

Other regular characters

Rachel Armstrong

  • First episode: 4101
  • Tenure: 2006-
  • Age: 30
  • Lives at: 33 Saxon Avenue
  • Marital status: Engaged to Tony Holden
  • Parents: Robert and Elaine Armstrong
  • Siblings: Brad Armstrong & Tamsyn Armstrong *(half-sister)
  • Portrayed by: Amy Mathews

Dr. Rachel Armstrong first appeared in the first episode of 2006, 4101. She started a relationship with her patient Kim Hyde. They got married later that year. Their marriage was soon in trouble when Rachel told Kim she wanted a baby but Kim did not. Further problems arose when Kim's ex girlfriend Kit Hunter told him that she was pregnant. Kim eventually left Rachel for Kit and his newborn son, Archie. Her brother Brad Armstrong (Chris Sadrinna) came to Summer Bay and soon became principal of Summer Bay High. She dated one of her interns at the hospital for a while. She broke up with him after she experienced a miscarraige. She decided she had to stop seeing younger men and is now engaged to Tony Holden.

Tony's vasectomy reversal went very well, and the couple are making plans to start a family. Rachel went missing on her wedding day so it is unclear if they will marry. At first Tony thought she didn't want to marry him, but she was then discovered at Aden's house, after she found out at Aden's home that he wants his dad dead.

Miles "Milco" Copeland

  • First episode: 4560
  • Tenure: 2007-
  • Age: 29
  • Lives at: Summer Bay House
  • Marital status: Louise Copeland (dec. 2004) Kirsty Phillips(dating)
  • Parents: Diana Keating and Aaron Copeland.
  • Siblings: Sally Fletcher (biological, twin sister)
  • Children: Amber Copeland (died 2004)
  • Portrayed by: Josh Quong Tart

Miles arrived in Episode 4560, the 2007 season finale. Miles turned up looking for Sally. He later revealed to Sally that they are twins and now lives with Alf Stewart and Kirsty Phillips in Summer Bay House. He has taken in and is fostering teenager, Jai, with whom he shared the experience of losing his entire family while on holiday in Phuket - this was caused by the 2004 St Stephen's Day Tsunami. He is just learning how to deal with Jai, and their family will soon grow with the addition of Melody. Now that Sally has left the bay, Miles has taken on the central role. He is now starting a relationship with Kirsty Phillips.

Aden Jefferies

  • First episode: 4019
  • Tenure: 2005-
  • Lives at: The Beachside Apartment, previously 12 Burrawong Road
  • Parents: Larry Jefferies and unknown mother.
  • Age: 18
  • Marital status: Single, dated Belle Taylor (lost virginity to), had a brief relationship with Cassie Turner, and has kissed Tamsyn Armstrong and Nicole Franklin.
  • Siblings: Sean and Justin Jefferies.
  • Portrayed by: Todd Lasance

Aden first appeared as a student at Summer Bay High during 2005, featuring in Episode 4019. He began dating Cassie Turner, but their relationship ended after Ric Dalby (Cassie's foster brother and ex-boyfriend) was beaten up and almost killed by Aden's older brother, Sean. Having since returned to the bay, Aden has become one of the main characters. Aden can be a bully, often bullying Geoff Campbell for his Christian beliefs and principles. Since his return, Aden has had a brief fling with Tamsyn Armstrong, however, it came to an end after he got her drunk and embarrassed her by dumping her two days before the Year 12 formal. Aden has also had a period where he persistently harassed Matilda Hunter.

He also was wrongly accused of getting Annie Campbell drunk, but later Annie owned up and Aden was off the hook. Up till early 2008 Aden has been portrayed as a typical 17 year old with a chip on his shoulder, especially when it comes to authority figures. Confident, arrogant, cocky, intimidating and a bit of a charmer, Aden's life revolves around backchatting teachers, as well as his posse of trouble-making friends, and late-night booze fuelled beach parties. However, recently he has been involved in a more serious storyline which is slowly delving into the years of horrific sexual abuse he suffered at the hands of his grandfather. After he confronted his father about the abuse he suffered he became involved in an accident at the old diner where part of the roof caved in, as a result he has lost his memory of the day of the incident; including the confrontation with his father. After being released from hospital Aden moves in with Roman and Nicole Harris, whom he has made a friendship with. Aden and Nicole made a bet that Nicole can sleep with Geoff within 2 weeks; if Nicole loses the bet Aden wins 200 dollars. Aden eventually won the bet when Geoff discovered the truth and got some payback on Nicole. He has recently been flirting with Belle Taylor. On May 20, Aden and Nicole had their first kiss which almost lead to them having sex when she tried to seduce him. He has recently started secretly dating Belle Taylor (Nicole is the only person that knows they are a couple), on June 12 the pair kissed. After the pairs first kiss Belle wanted their relationship to be secret as she didn't want anyone judging her or making a big deal of their relationship. Aden agreed to keep their "fling" a secret. Aden normally sleeps over at Belle's place as he does not like being in his house and one night Belle went to his house to tell him that he can't sleep over that night as Annie is sleeping with her as Irene needs a goods nights sleep away from Annie's snoring. As Belle is walking to Aden's door she sees Larry drinking alcohol. Larry invites her in and then explains to her that his drinking was a one time thing because he was in pain and out of painkillers. He asks her not to say anything to Aden. She agrees. Aden then realises that Belle was lying about her visit to his home and he sees that Belle is avoiding him. He thinks that Larry told Belle what happened between him and his grandfather. He gets mad at Belle. Belle then confesses that she caught Larry drinking and was afraid to tell him. Aden gets even more mad at Belle for not telling him. He then moves out of because he is sick and tired of his dad's lies. Belle then feels guilty and almost tells Irene what happened but Aden walks in. She explains to him that she just needed someone to talk to and was going to tell Irene how she feels about him. She then tells him off for being such a jerk. Aden then realises that all along Belle was only trying to help and understands why she did the things she did. Belle thinks that although Larry has done bad things that he needs Aden but Aden does want anything to do with him. They are now both dating exclusively and Aden tells Matilda (Belle's best friend) that he would not hurt Belle as she is the best thing to happen to him. After Axel and Jai's car accident, Aden has a bad feeling that his father had something to do with the hit-and-run. He finds Larry's bloody shirt under the couch and it confirms his suspicions. Aden calls Belle and tells her what he found, they then go out and look for Larry. They find him with his car burning. Larry was trying to destroy the evidence. Aden wants to take his dad to the police station straight away but Larry asks for a bottle of alcohol first and then he will go. When Aden and Belle come back with the alcohol they find Larry gone. Aden and Belle had reached the point in their relationship where they were ready to have sex. Things were progressing well until Aden became uncomfortable as a result of his childhood abuse and lashed out at Belle, calling her nasty names and leaving. When Belle guesses that Aden must be a virgin because she's never seen him with a serious girlfriend, Aden reacts angrily and dumps her. In episode 4690 Aden reveals all to Belle and they get back together. Aden and Belle spend a lot of time together and things are going well until Larry, Aden's alcoholic dad returns. Aden was also in a Jeans for Genes Day Fashion Show hosted by Belle Taylor his girlfriend. Aden and Belle have overcome hurdles and finally had sex due to the fact Aden secretly goes to therapy.

In episode 4703 we see that Aden has taken his father and Rachel hostage (however, Rachel was not meant to be there), at the end of the episode we see Aden dripping from the storm and see Belle turn up at his house looking for him and finds him at the back of the house looking worried as he said that he was at his Aunts house. In episode 4704 we see Aden try to kill his dad with morphine, However, Belle stops him by telling him that she loves him, in which he asks if she means it and she says "Yes", and he tells Belle that he loves her as well, but he must let everyone go and Larry to get help, the police then rush in and Aden is then taken to the police station, where he asks for Belle but she refuses to talk to him, In episode 4705 Belle breaks things off with Aden which leaves him devestated. A few episodes leter Aden is then taken to a psychiatric hospital to try and get better, Belle in which goes to visit Aden to tell him that they can just be friends in which leaves Aden devestated, but hopes that once he has got better, he and Belle can get back together. Whilst at the psychiatic hospital he sees Melody and they form a special bond as she tells him that she prayed for Axel's death and it came true, so he knows how she feels, as he was in a similar situation when he was abused, when he was trying to kill his dad (Larry). Soon, Aden will face trial for attempted murder of his father (Larry Jefferies) and the kidnapping of Rachel and Belle

Kirsty Sutherland Phillips

  • First episode: 2856

Tenure: 2000-2005, 2008-

  • Age: 21
  • Lives at: Summer Bay House
  • Marital status: Kane Phillips (2004-)
  • Parents: Rhys Sutherland and Shelley Sutherland
  • Siblings: Dani Sutherland and Laura de Groot (biological), Jade Sutherland (adoptive), Scott Hunter, Kit Hunter, Robbie Hunter, Henry Hunter and Matilda Hunter (former step-siblings)
  • Children: Oliver Phillips
  • Portrayed by: Christie Hayes

The eldest of fraternal twin girls, Kirsty Sutherland was always more outgoing and confident than twin sister Jade. Her arrival in Summer Bay caused a stir amongst the local boys and she had relationships with Nick Smith and then Seb Miller.

During a brief period of rebellion, she dropped out of school, alienated her family and experimented with drugs. After a near overdose, she appeared to have calmed down. However, she later began a relationship with Kane Phillips, which threatened to tear her family apart.

Kane, who had been accused of raping Kirsty's sister Dani, saved the life of Shelley Sutherland, Kirsty's mother, when the three were stranded in the bush. Kirsty and Kane developed a bond in the aftermath of the tragedy and began secretly dating.

The pair, aware that Kirsty's family would never accept their relationship, decided to run away together. But after a short time on the road, Kane decided that the best thing for Kirsty was to be with her family, and broke up with Kirsty.

During their time apart, Kirsty began a relationship with a new boy at school Dylan Russel who turned out to be her half brother. Later this was proved to be false

Kane returned to Summer Bay, determined to win Kirsty back. Kirsty had reunited with Seb by this stage, but broke up with him to be with Kane. When their family discovered the relationship, they were initially furious. However, fearing that Kirsty would run away again, they reluctantly accepted their daughter's boyfriend.

Kirsty and Kane eloped on the same day that her father married Beth Hunter. When Rhys found out, he threatened to have the marriage annulled but given that Kirsty was only 17 and under the marriage age in Australia the marriage was not legal anyway . To pacify her father, Kirsty claimed she was pregnant. When Kane expressed delight at being a father, Kirsty was forced to continue the charade. Then she pretended to have miscarried.

She later fell pregnant for real and decided to confess her lie to Kane. When he raised a hand to hit her, she fled to her mother's place in the city and took out an AVO against her husband. She eventually returned to Summer Bay and reunited with Kane.

Kirsty was devastated when she discovered that Jade was not her biological sister. A mistake at the hospital led to Jade and Kirsty's biological, identical twin sister, Laura DeGroot, being switched. She slowly developed a relationship with a real twin sister.

Her pregnancy became dangerous when she developed kidney problems and required a transplant. Her parents asked Laura to consider donating a kidney to Kirsty, but because they had only known each other for a short while, Laura refused. She accused Rhys and Shelly for only wanting her for her kidney. Shelley ended up donating a kidney. However, Kirsty lost the baby. Laura later apologised to Kirsty for refusing to give her a kidney, but Kirsty reassured her that she understood, saying she didn't expect Laura to give up her kidney for a stranger.

Kirsty soon fell pregnant again and the Sutherlands reluctantly accepted Kane. The Phillips survived Kane developing and overcoming testicular cancer and seemed likely to have their happy ending. However, when Kane was framed by his father for armed robbery, Kane, Kirsty and their unborn baby were forced to leave Summer Bay to live a life on the run.

In May 2008 Kirsty returns to Summer Bay with their son Oliver, now aged 3, and leaves him in the care of Irene Roberts. Kane then breaks into a jewellery shop and is seen. He forces Kirsty and Oliver to go with him. The police chase Kane, Kirsty and Oliver until Kane realises Kirsty and Oliver are at risk. He lets them out and the police chase just Kane until he decides to give himself up. Kane had put Irene and Kirsty at risk of going to jail, but he made a deal with his prosecutor that he would plead guilty if Kirsty and Irene were cleared. Kane then tells Kirsty to move on with her life and forget about him, and she now lives in the Summer Bay House and is now having complicated affair with Miles. When she first returned she began working at the high school, but recently began work at the sands resort hotel.

Irene Roberts

First episode: 0887

  • Tenure: 1991-
  • Lives at: The Beach House
  • Marital Status: Murdoch Roberts (died 1995)
  • Siblings: Wendy McFarlane
  • Children: Nathan, Finlay, Damian and Paul
  • Portrayed by: Jacqui Phillips (1991), Lynne McGranger (1992-)

In the continuing tradition of the show, Irene has been a foster mother to kids in Summer Bay, such as Selina Cook (later Selina Roberts), Chloe Richards and Joey Rainbow, to the Smith kids (Will, Hayley, and Nick), and Tasha Andrews, Belle Taylor, Geoff Campbell and Annie Campbell in recent years. She rebuilt a relationship with her own estranged birth kids, Damian (who later became a priest), Finlay and Nathan (in prison until the early 2000s, when he reformed) in the early-mid 1990s after having them be taken away from her due to her alcoholism. She famously was a surrogate mother for Finlay, despite being a little too old! Irene has had the odd romantic relationship, such as Ken Smith, Paris Burnett and, most recently, Barry Hyde. Irene was once married to Murdoch Roberts (Fin, Damian and Nathan's father), who was murdered by Dodge in 1995 at Nathan's request. Irene first appeared in episode 887.

Jai Fernandez

  • First episode: 4641
  • Tenure: 2008-
  • Lives at: Summer Bay House
  • Age: 15 (born 24th July 1993)
  • Parents: William & Nadieen Fernandez(deceased)
  • Siblings: Younger Brother(deceased)
  • Marital status: Dating Annie Campbell
  • Portrayed by: Jordan Rodrigues

Jai was introduced to Summer Bay as a 14 Year old who had lost his family in the 2004 Asian Tsunami. He was reunited with Miles Copeland, who was involved with Jai after the Tsunami, and moved in with him on a long term basis. Jai has struggled to adapt to the Summer Bay lifestyle and has also had problems settling into his new school, Summer Bay High. When it seemed as though he was forming a crush on Matilda he was forced to reveal that the smell of a perfume she had reminded him of his deceased mother. Jai has recently become friends with Axel Hay, however when Axel steals Mattie's scooter and takes Jai with him, they are brutally struck head on by a drunken Larry Jefferies in his car, destroying the scooter. Jai is unhurt but Axel later dies in hospital. In the following weeks, he begins to think of himself as invincible, even jumping off a high rock at the beach to prove it.

Melody Jones

  • First Episode: 2008
  • Lives at: Jones House
  • Age: 16
  • Parents: Christine & Edward Jones
  • Siblings: None
  • Marital Status: Geofforey Campbell(Dated Twice)
  • Portrayed by: Celeste Dodwell

Melody first enters the show at the start of 2008 as a Catholic girl in Annie's class who Annie wants to set Geoff up with in order to stop him getting with a snobby girl at school. Her mother was against this relationship and took out a restraining order against geoff. eventually she moved melody to a catholic school and she disappeared from screens for a while. she recently returned in the psychiatric ward that aiden was staying in having been brought there by her father. later her mother kidnaps her from the ward and tries to perform an exorcism on her daughter. Luckily Miles and Geoff stopped her and now Melody is living with Miles, Jai, Kirsty and Alf.

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