Skive, city (1992 pop. 19,711), Viborg co., N Denmark, on the Limfjord at the mouth of the Skive River. It is a commercial center and a tourist resort. Nearby is Spøttrup castle (14th cent.).

Skive is a town in Skive municipality (Danish, Skive Kommune) in Region Midtjylland at the base of Salling Peninsula, a part of the larger Jutland peninsula in northwest Denmark. It is the municipality's main town and the site of its municipal council.

The town of Skive is a coastal tourist resort, at the mouth of the Karup River (Karup Å) and the Skive Fjord, part of the Limfjord. As of 1992, the population was 19,711.


  • 14th century Spøttrup Castle underwent extensive repairs in the 1940s, and opened as a museum and medicinal herb garden.
  • Skive Art Museum (Skive Kunstmuseum) is housed in a building designed by Danish architect Leopold Teschl, who also designed the Skive Historical Museum. The Art Museum houses a broad collection of modern Danish art, and has a special interest in expressive landscapes and New Realism painting. The collection also has works by local artists, including Christen Dalsgaard, a national romantic painter associated with the Golden Age of Danish Painting.
  • The Museum also has a stuffed polar bear, which was donated to Skive by the friendship city of Scoresbysund in Greenland.
  • The Fur Museum is on the island of Fur, part of the Skive municipality. It features exhibits relating to the island, particularly fossils.
  • The Mønsted Limestone Caves south-west of Skive are run by Denmark's nature-preservation group, Skov- og Naturstyrelse. As well as being a tourist attraction, the caves are used as a place to age cheese, which is then exported to Germany as "cavecheese". In winter, the caves are home to 10,000 bats.
  • In Skive, all the roundabouts have been decorated with pieces of art known as the 11 Stars, designed by the Danish designer Jacob Jensen.
  • Common ammenities like supermarkets, shops, bowling alley, hotels are all within the town centre.

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