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Skip-It is a children's toy invented by Victor Petrusek and manufactured by Tiger Electronics. During its initial release in the late-1980s, the Skip-It apparatus became a commercial success through its avid advertisements on daytime Nickelodeon broadcasting as well as other children's programming. The 'Skip-It' apparatus was designed to be affixed to the child's ankle via a small plastic hoop and spun around in a 360 degree rotation while continuously skipped by the user.

During a second production occurring in the early-1990s, the toy was manufactured with a counter on the Skip-It ball; designed to make the number of skips impeccably accurate.

Some Skip-Its have colorful glitter filled and covered plastic decorations that can be slid on and of the make colorful paterns.

There was a model which may have been called skiparoo or skip-a-roo that is from the 60s that was all plastic and had a red bell-shaped end.

There was also a model called the "lemon twist" which was made in the seventies. It was black PVC piping and had a big lemon at the end. It had little rocks inside that made noise as you twisted.

Marshall Swails of Irmo, SC won the 1995 World Skip-It Open at the 1995 Toy Congress in Wolfsburg, Germany. He skipped 300,546 times on his custom glitter filled Skip-It.

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