jump rope

or skip rope

Children's game in which players hold a rope (jump rope) at each end and twirl it in a circle, while one or more players jump over it each time it reaches its lowest point. Dating from the 19th century, it is traditionally a girl's sidewalk or playground game that usually involves the chanting of a counting rhyme (e.g., “One, two, touch my shoe”). There are many types of jumps, including single, double, and backward; in “double Dutch,” two ropes are twirled simultaneously in opposite directions. Single-rope jumping, or rope skipping, is popular with boxers to develop the lungs and legs and improve coordination and footwork.

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The word skip has several meanings:

  • Skip (container), a type of large open-topped container
  • Skip (music), a type of interval in music
  • Skip (music composer), a composer of electronic music from Gent, Belgium. Using influences from musical genres such as IDM ,drill'n bass and Chiptune.
  • Skip (in audio playback), a type of malfunction of a phonograph or gramophone or CD player
  • Skip (radio), a radio signal which is reflected or refracted in the atmosphere or ionosphere
  • Skip (curling), a position in the sport of curling
  • Skip (gait), a style of gait movement involving a combination of walking and jumping
  • Jump rope (skipping rope), where one or more participants jump over a spinning rope so that it passes under their feet and over their heads
  • Skip-stop, a public transit service pattern

The acronym SKIP may stand for:

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