skimming top


Skimming may refer to:

  • Skimming (liquids), separating liquids or solids from the top of a liquid, e.g. as cream from whole milk.
  • Skimming (reading) or speed reading
  • a very common form of white-collar theft, skimming refers to taking cash "off the top" of the daily receipts of a business and officially reporting a lower total. The crime may be simple tax evasion, converting the funds to personal use without paying either business or personal income taxes on it, but it may additionally entail the theft of the cash by hiding it from an employer or business partner.
  • Skimming (credit card fraud)
  • Skimming (snowmobile), hydroplaning a snowmobile
  • Skimming (surfing) or skimboarding, a sport
  • Price skimming, a marketing term
  • Stone skimming, bouncing a stone over water

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