skid road



Skid may refer to:

  • Skid, a pallet, a wood or plastic platform for holding machinery or equipment
  • Skid (aerodynamic), an outward side-slip in an aircraft turn
  • Skid steering, a method of steering by braking tracks or wheels on one side of a vehicle, such as:
  • Skid mark, a mark left where two surfaces rub against each other, especially a locked vehicle wheel on the road
  • Skid, a sled runner
  • Skid road, a log path for removal of logs from a hilly forest
  • Skid row, a neighborhood with a large number of vagrant people
  • Skid, a type of fairground ride
  • Skid (gang), a gang of disenfranchised, delinquent youth
  • Skidder, a vehicle used in a logging operation for pulling cut trees out of a forest in a process called "skidding"

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