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The Ski Lodge

"The Ski Lodge" is the fourteenth episode in season 5 of American sitcom Frasier, and the one hundred and tenth overall.

Cast and characters

Main cast and characters

Plot outline

Roz wins a free trip to a ski lodge, including lessons from a skiing instructor, but can't go because of her pregnancy. However, she lets Frasier have her prize in return for a big screen TV. So Frasier decides to take the whole family to the ski lodge, including Daphne and her friend Annie, a swimsuit model. There they meet Guy, a gay ski instructor, who likes Niles and thinks he is gay too. Throughout the episode confusion arises as Frasier is lusting after Annie, who desires Niles. Niles, however, attempts throughout the episode to confess his feelings for Daphne, while Daphne attempts to pick up Guy (who is interested in Niles).

Episode Title Cards

Cultural Reference

The title card is a reference to the great French playwright who made a name for himself in door-slamming sex farce.


The actress playing Annie, Cynthia LaMontagne, had to affect an English accent for the character, and the result has traits of several regions of England, though is primarily southern.

Memorable Quotations

Maris is ruthless in her pursuit of a divorce settlement
Niles: When we were courting, I sent her a Valentine that said: "You're the girl my heart adores, everything I have is yours". Now they're calling it a pre-nup.

Frasier is initially not happy about Daphne inviting her friend Annie along to the ski lodge
Frasier: I'm going to tell Daphne no guests.
Daphne: I called Annie. She's all excited. Turns out she just bought some new skis with the money she made off her new swimsuit calendar.
Frasier: (to Niles) Well, I hope you're happy; we're stuck with her now.

Martin has just arrived at the ski lodge
Martin: Nothing like a change of scenery. (looks around) Where d'you suppose the TV is?

Niles is showing off his French to Guy
Annie: All I know how to say is, “Oui
Frasier: That should be enough to get you through the weekend.

The gang are stuffed from the meal that Guy cooked for them
Niles: I thought I was gonna burst out of my trousers!
Annie: Oh my!

Guy tries to talk to Martin about Niles being 'gay', but Martin thinks he's talking about his attraction to Daphne
Martin: Niles has had those feelings for years. Of course, I didn't encourage it during his so-called marriage but now that he's free, whatever makes him happy!

Annie thinks Daphne and Niles want her to join them
Annie: So it's a threesome you're after? Well, I don't do those any more!

Frasier finds Guy waiting in Niles' bed for him to return
Guy: You are not the Crane I want!
Frasier: You're not even the sex I want!

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