sketch, a rapidly executed kind of pictorial note-taking. The sketch is not usually intended as an autonomous work of art, although many have been considered masterpieces in their own right. Used extensively in the planning of large, complex projects, the sketch allows the artist to visualize quickly the bend of a knee or the sweep of an arm without having to experiment directly on the work itself. See cartoon.
Sketch may refer to:

Drawing and other visual arts

  • Sketch (drawing), a drawing or other composition that is not intended as a finished work, but a preliminary exploration.
  • SketchUp, a 3D modeling program.
  • iSketch, an online drawing game.
  • Sketch 3D, a program for producing line drawings of two or three-dimensional solid objects and scenes in the PSTricks and Portable Graphics Format.
  • Skencil, a vector-based graphics program formerly called Sketch and released under the GNU Free License.
  • Multi-Sketch, unscripted improv sketching using a Tablet PC or digitizing tablet.

Literature and entertainment

  • Sketch (literature), a literary art form that flourished in the nineteenth century, often plotless, or sometimes a very brief short story of the type today called flash fiction.
  • Sketch comedy, a series of short comedic performances called sketches.

People and characters


  • Daily Sketch, a defunct British newspaper.
  • Sketch (restaurant), a restaurant, bar, and art gallery in central London.
  • Sketch, a word similar in meaning to "that's bad" or "ugh."

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