Skeleton shrimp

Skeleton shrimp

Skeleton shrimp are marine crustaceans of the infraorder Caprellida. The name denotes the threadlike slender body which allows them virtually to disappear among the fine filaments of seaweed, hydroids and bryozoans. Most species are predators, some are filter feeders. Skeleton shrimps accentuate their adaptive form and colouration by assuming an angular pose, resembling that of the fronds among which they live. They remain motionless for long periods of time while waiting to ambush their prey, often protozoa or small worms. Females of some species of skeleton shrimp kill the males after mating, using venom injected by a venomous claw.

Predators of the skeleton shrimp include gobies of the genus Pomatoschistus.

Some species

  • Caprella laeviuscula smooth skeleton shrimp
  • Aeginella longicornis long-horn skeleton shrimp
  • Caprella californica California skeleton shrimp


Superfamily Aetiopedesoidea

Superfamily Caprelloidea Leach, 1814

Superfamily Isaeoidea

Superfamily Microprotopoidea

Superfamily Neomegamphopoidea

Superfamily Photoidea

Superfamily Rakirooidae


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