Chris Edwards (skater)

Chris Edwards is an aggressive inline skater who resides in Pennsylvania where he operates a skate-park by the name of Mr. Smalls, located in Millvale, Pa. He was one of the early members of Team Rollerblade, and is considered to be the godfather of aggressive inline skating. Edwards appears in a video game, Aggressive Inline, which is available for the PlayStation 2, Xbox, and GameCube.

Chris also had some rollerblades named after him; tarmac CE (Chris Edwards), Edwards Chocolate (street), Edwards Trooper (vert) and Edwards Daytona, circa 1997. The tarmac was rollerblade grey, but the troopers were white, the chocolates brown, and the Daytona blue. These blades came with grindplates, metal buckles, crank straps and a pre-cut cuffs for aggressive maneuveres.

Chris has been married twice. Chris has 2 children with his wife Jessica.


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