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Sitting Pretty (1948 film)

Sitting Pretty (1948) is a comedy film which tells the story of a family who hires a man with a mysterious past to babysit their children. It stars Robert Young, Maureen O'Hara and Clifton Webb. The movie was adapted by F. Hugh Herbert from a novel by Gwen Davenport. It was directed by Walter Lang.

Webb was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Actor for the role of Lynn Belvedere. The character proved so popular, Webb reprised his role in two more movies: Mr. Belvedere Goes to College (1949) and Mr. Belvedere Rings the Bell (1951).

The film inspired a television series, Mr. Belvedere, starring Christopher Hewett, which first aired in 1985. A radio adaptation was presented by Lux Radio Theater on February 14, 1949.

Plot summary

Harry (Young) and Tracy King (O'Hara) have their hands full with their three young boys, so they advertise for a live-in nanny. They hire Lynn Belvedere sight unseen, only to find out that Lynn is a man (Webb), one with many skills and achievements. Despite their misgivings, the Kings reluctantly agree to a trial period. Belvedere quickly wins over the children, although his superior attitude annoys Harry.

As a result of a couple of misinterpreted incidents, nosy neighbor Clarence Appleton (Richard Haydn) starts to spread scandalous rumors linking Belvedere and Tracy romantically. Eventually, Harry asks Belvedere to leave.

Then a tell-all book about the neighborhood written by Belvedere is published. The embarrassed residents are upset by the secrets revealed in it.

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