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Woman on top (sex position)

Woman on top, also called the jackhammer, cowboy or cowgirl position, is a sex position in which

  • the insertive partner lies on their back or sits down in a chair, couch, etc.
  • the receptive partner sits on top of them while facing them, with the insertive partner's body between their legs.
  • the receptive partner aligns their vagina or anus over the phallus to facilitate penetration.

The cowgirl name derives from the image of the receptive partner "riding" the insertive partner as a cowboy rides a bucking horse. It is one of a number of receptive-partner-superior sexual positions, another being the reverse receptive partner on top sex position. This position is also used as a precursor to the lateral coital position favored by Masters and Johnson.


Penetration is quite deep, and the receptive partner can control the depth of penetration and speed of movement if the insertive partner lies still. Genital stimulation of the receptive partner can be provided by hand from either partner. A female receiving in this position may receive genital stimulation if the insertive partner periodically semi-withdraws, and manipulates the phallus against their genitals.

Proponents of the receptive partner on top position say there are these advantages:

  • Both partners can see one another, and in particular the insertive partner can view and caress the receptive partner's chest. A penetrating partner may caress the breasts of a receiving woman while they are in a more natural position.
  • A male insertive partner may be able to delay ejaculation longer in this position.
  • The position is far less tiring for the insertive partner as they do not have to support their weight while also being physically active.
  • The receptive partner may take a relatively static position, so that they do not tire (by supporting their upper body with their extended arms with their torso almost horizontal), while the insertive partner, not having to support their weight, can be quite active without fatigue. This variation may ease the strain upon the receptive partner's knees.
  • The receptive partner can control the depth, intensity, and angle of penetration. Receiving women may enjoy the dominant feeling of being on top and in control.
  • The insertive partner can enjoy receiving pleasure while relaxing.
  • The receptive partner can easily stimulate their genitals with their hand (if in the upright version).
  • The insertive partner can stimulate the receptive partner's genitals with their hand. Receiving women may find the thumb to be more comfortable.
  • If sitting upright, the receptive partner can reach behind them to stimulate the insertive partner's testicles, or anus.
  • The insertive partner can caress the receptive partner's buttocks and stimulate the anus if the position is not being used for ejaculation.
  • In a variant position in which the receptive partner is on top and leaning over the insertive partner, the partners can embrace and kiss while the insertive partner is penetrating the receptive partner. They can also caress one another's chest, neck, and face.
  • Especially while in this last variant, the insertive partner can easily spank the receptive partner's buttocks.
  • Unlike in the missionary position, in this position the receptive partner has the active role while the insertive partner has the passive role.
  • Kama Sutra mentions this position, also mentions rotating of female after insertion.

Reverse cowgirl

Reverse cowgirl, also called the Queen's position or reverse Amazon is a human sex position. In this position, the penetrating partner lies on his or her back and the receiving partner sits on top. The receiving partner straddles the penetrating partner's legs, which are held together, while facing the penetrating partner's feet. Their groins are aligned for penetration.


The receiving partner can either be in a kneeling or squatting position. He or she can have his or her torso upright, or he or she can have it aligned with the penetrating partner's body. The receiving partner has greater control over the extent and duration of the penetration.

This position can be used for vaginal or anal sex, with penetration achieved by a penis or a strap-on dildo. It serves to stimulate the most sensitive parts of the man's penis as a result of the way it is forced to bend while at the same time rubbing on the female G-spot and clitoris simultaneously.

Use in pornography

This position is widely depicted in male-female pornography marketed towards men, as it provides the photographer with a full front view of the woman, while hiding the man (except for his genitals) from view, behind her body.


The reverse missionary position is one of a number of positions sometimes recommended for experimentation by partners in which the insertive partner has some form of disability. Dr. Ruth Westheimer wrote to the wife of a stroke victim that:
"Another area that you could explore would be a change of positions. The side by side position is sometimes helpful in these situations, as long as you make sure that the stroke victim is positioned so that the "healthy" side is uppermost. You could also try mutual masturbation, oral genital stimulation, the female superior position or the use of a vibrator."

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