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Living With Lydia (Chinese: 肥肥一家親 in Hong Kong, 肥姐駕到 in Singapore) is a Singaporean TV sitcom that was produced by MediaCorp and aired on Channel 5 from 2001 to 2005.


It starred Chinese-born actress/comedienne Lydia Shum as Lydia Lum, a popular Hong Kong resturanter/caterer who was also a widowed mother with two children, 11 year-old son Jordan and 16 year-old daughter Apple. When her Dim Sum establishment is hit with a case of food poisoning after she hosted an event and is ordered by the authorities to close her business (she is labeled "Dim Sum killer" by her former patrons, even though she is unaware that someone falsely accused her so they can force her out of business), she, together with her children, are forced to find a new locale, which happens to be Singapore. This is because her late grandfather had written a will that gave her ownership of a house he had built thanks in part to his success in the seafood business.

But when she arrives at the house it is already occupied by her grandfather's successor, Billy B. Ong, who Lydia calls "Billy Bong". Billy prides his rise to the top of the ladder on promoting the company's specialty - fish balls. The presence of Lydia does not sit well with Billy at first but he does give in because it might be the only way to get Lydia to give up her part of the house. Additionally, her dim sum business brings in customers and clients for him.

Other characters in the sitcom include Billy's son Max, an aspiring anime artist; Ronda Cheing, Billy's secretary who is trying to pursue Billy, despite the fact that his wife, who ran out on him, would show up in the third season (Ronda would later lose interest in Billy in the final season); and Sulaiman Yusof, a former stuntman who now works as the maintenance man in Billy's company.

Episode broadcasts

Episodes of Living with Lydia also aired the United States on The International Channel (Now AZN Television) from 2003 to 2004 as part of the "Asia Street" lineup. In April 2006 AZN bought the show back and is rerunning them three times a week due to popular demand, starting with the series' fourth and final season. It is also broadcast on TVB Pearl in Hong Kong and Jak TV in Indonesia.

The 4th season of the series was rebroadcast on Singapore's Channel 5 in 2008 as a tribute to Shum, after her passing.


Season 1 (2001-2002)

  • Season 1 from TVB
  • 1."Lydia Arrives"
  • 2."Ronda's Party"
  • 3."Jolly Fruits"
  • 4."Blackout"
  • 5."Desperately Seeking Yang"
  • 6."Chocolate"
  • 7."Usha"
  • 8."Diet"
  • 9."Rat"
  • 10."Billy's New Assistant"
  • 11."Cat And Fire"
  • 12."Brother (Part 1)"
  • 13."Brother (Part 2)"

Season 2 (2002-2003)

Season 2 Site

Season 3 (2003)

Season 3 Site

Season 4 (2004-2005)

Season 4 Site

Running Gags

This is an incomplete list of running gags used in the show.

Billy Bong The most noticeable and common gag during the show's run, Lydia always calls Billy B. Ong Billy Bong.

Ah Kong Picture Gag Billy B. Ong often talks to a picture of his grandfather on the wall, referring to him as "Ah Kong" usually blaming him for some reason. This is seen in many episodes but most noticeably the first episode of the show.

Fishball Gag Billy B. Ong likes to shorten the word "fishballs" to "balls" occasionally when talking. Since balls is also slang for testicles, the characters of the show often say the word in a comical context, such as, "Billy Bong, can I taste one of your balls?"

Shut Up Gag Lydia repeadtadly yells "Shut up!" or "Stop!" to stop the three children in the house from doing something. However, the children always carry on after she has left.

Opening Sequence

The entire opening sequence is animated. It starts in black and white with Billy B. Ong playing a song on the piano ("Those Endearing Young Charms", the series' theme song), followed by another clip of him eating a fishball. Billy then tries to push a fishball into his son Max's son, followed by a clip of Ronda brushing her hair and then moving closer to Billy. The song then stops, and a loud sound clip of Lydia shouting "Hi, Billy Bong" is heard. Lydia and her family then appear and fill the screen with color. Apple and Jordan then appear, and then some final shots with the entire cast of the show, before an animated Lydia appears again beside the show's title on an orange screen and laughs.


The series also help Sum win "Best Comedy Performance by an Actress" for her hilarious portrayal of the series' fiesty title character at the Asian Television Awards in 2003.



Country Alternate title/Translation Year debuted TV Network(s) Weekly Schedule
United States 2004 AZN TV Tuesday & Wednesday 2:30am EST
Singapore 2001 MediaCorp TV Channel 5 Tuesday 8:30pm SST
Hong Kong 2002 TVB Pearl TBA

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