Lockheed Altair

The Lockheed Altair was a development of the Lockheed Sirius. The Altair was one of the first aircraft designs with a fully rectractable undercarriage.

The first five Altairs were converted Siriuses. Another six Altairs were built from scratch: three by Lockheed, two by Detroit Aircraft Corporation, and one by AiRover. The AiRover Altair, dubbed The Flying Testbed, was powered by a Unitwin engine, which used two engines to drive a single shaft. The Unitwin was used in the Vega Starliner, which never went into production.


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  • Francillon, René J, Lockheed Aircraft since 1913. Naval Institute Press: Annapolis, 1987.
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  • Ron Cuskelly - Very detailed information of Lockheed Altair "Lady Southern Cross". Contains images, data etc -

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