sinoauricular block

ICD-10 Chapter IX: Diseases of the circulatory system

I00-I99 - Diseases of the circulatory system

(I00-I02) Acute rheumatic fever

(I05-I09) Chronic rheumatic heart diseases

(I10-I15) Hypertensive diseases

(I20-I25) Ischemic heart diseases

(I26-I28) Pulmonary heart disease and diseases of pulmonary circulation

(I30-I52) Other forms of heart disease


endocardium (including heart valves)

myocardium / cardiomyopathy

electrical conduction system of the heart


(I60-I69) Cerebrovascular diseases

(I70-I79) Diseases of arteries, arterioles and capillaries

(I80-I89) Diseases of veins, lymphatic vessels and lymph nodes, not elsewhere classified

(I95-I99) Other and unspecified disorders of the circulatory system

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