Trailer trash

Trailer trash (or trailer park trash) is a derogatory North American English term for people of low socio-economic standing. The term originates from the belief that those of low standing within society often reside in trailers or mobile homes, especially in trailer parks. Because trailers often provide housing at a lower cost than conventional foundation-built houses, and some trailers have few amenities, there is a popular cultural conception that those who live in trailer parks are usually only those who are too poor to afford anything else. Although trailer parks have a high density compared to other rural or suburban housing, they are usually created on large tracts of undeveloped land in rural or suburban areas.


The Canadian television series Trailer Park Boys is an ironic and humorous example of so-called trailer park trash. Done in mockumentary style, the show documents the misadventures of the residents of the Sunnyvale Trailer Park. See: Donald Wilson, Steven Krier, Anthony Schnieder

The Rockford Files television series also featured a trailer owned by Jim Rockford played by James Garner.


The upcoming Eli Roth film Trailer Trash is a series of fake movie trailers that will be made up into a feature film.


The song "Trailer Trash" appears on Modest Mouse's 1997 album The Lonesome Crowded West. Trailer Trash Lot 420, an all original, classic rock-like band out of Cape Canaveral, Florida, also has a debut song called "Trailer Trash" on its 2008 Singlewide album.
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