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Michael Bruce (musician)

Mike Bruce (born Michael Owen Bruce on March 16, 1948) is a US rock musician. He was guitarist, keyboardist and vocalist for the original Alice Cooper group (Vince Furnier aka Alice Cooper/Michael Bruce/Glen Buxton/Dennis Dunaway/Neal Smith). He co-wrote many of the more famous songs with some or all of the other members of the band. There are several Bruce only songs including "Be My Lover" from the Killer album. Though Alice sang most of the lead vocals, Mike was the vocalist on the majority of "Sing Low, Sweet Cheerio" and all of "Below Your Means" and "Beautiful Flyaway". The Alice Cooper group broke up in 1974.

Michael still tours with his own band and has some solo records out, as well as a live CD Halo Of Ice. His current group, The Michael Bruce Group is currently rehearsing for a set of shows for this fall (2007). He will be performing some Alice Cooper classics as well as a few from his solo album Michael Bruce, In My Own Way, The Complete Sessions. This current band line up features Michael (guitars/vocals), Bob Russell (guitars/vocals), Tommy Dominick (Bass/keyboards) and Bob Allen (drums).

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