Sines, Portugal

Sines (pron. 'sinɨʃ) is a municipality in the district of Setúbal, Portugal, with a total area of 203.0 km² and a rapidly growing population of 13,531 inhabitants. It is located at the centre of the Alentejo coast and part of the St. Vincent and Southwest Alentejo Coast Natural Park.

The present Mayor is Manuel Coelho Carvalho, elected by the Unitarian Democratic Coalition. The President of the Municipal Assembly is Francisco do Ó Pacheco, also elected by the Unitarian Democratic Coalition.

General info

The town has a long history going back to Roman times (then called Sinus). The castle on the cliff was built under King Pedro, started in 1362.

Until the early 1970s it was a sheltered fishing village with a long history of commercial relations with cities from the Mediterranean. Its large marina, along a breakwater, is the only marina between Setúbal and the Algarve.

The town is now rapidly expanding by the presence of its deep-sea port and industrial platform.

The municipal holiday is November 24. Every Summer, the town hosts the FMM Sines - Festival Músicas do Mundo, a world music festival that brings thousands of enthusiasts and musicians from all continents.

The town has also a very heterogeneous population, since it received a large amount of refugees from the Portuguese overseas colonies in the late 1970s. Foreign workers of the port and the petrochemical industry also add to this.

Even though the north of the district has an important industrial presence, the town itself preserves plenty of historical landmarks and its privileged location, sitting on a cliff in front of a small bay, provides beautiful views to the Atlantic.

The nearby village of Porto Covo attracts many tourists thanks to its preserved coastline and the beauty of the traditional buildings.

There is a large shortwave broadcasting station at Sines. The most remarkable antenna towers are the rotable towers looking like a big "V".


The economy of Sines municipality rests on the energy industry, port activity, fishing, tourism and trading.

The municipality has an important investment park, managed by AICEP Global Parques.


Sines has one of the biggest industrial parks in Portugal, Sines Power Plant (Electricidade de Portugal), Petrogal Sines (National Petrochemic Refinery), Repsol (Polymer Refinery)

Famous people

Sines is the birthplace of Vasco da Gama, who was born at the castle where his father Estêvão da Gama was the local alcalde. After his return from the voyage to India, Vasco da Gama was given feudal rights over Sines.

Other famous "sinienses": Al Berto (poet, 1948-1997, born in Coimbra), Emmérico Nunes (painter, 1888-1968, born in Lisbon).


The municipality is composed of two parishes :

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