Simplify is Ryan Shupe & the Rubberband's second album independently released in 1999 by the band on its own label Tydal Wave Records. It was again made available when the band signed a record deal with Capitol Nashville under the name "Simplified". The tracklistings vary by dropping tracks available on their major label debut release Dream Big and adding in the track "If I Had The Things I Wanted" (a track first available on their Live! album) as a studio version.

Simplify Track Listing

  1. "It's Clear"
  2. "Simplify"
  3. "New Emotion"
  4. "Phideaux"
  5. "Walk The Walk"
  6. "1000×"
  7. "Banjo Boy"
  8. "The Bomb Song"
  9. "Snow"
  10. "Freeway"
  11. "Go to Hell"
  12. "Same Sun"

Simplified Track Listing

  1. "It's Clear"
  2. "Phideaux"
  3. "1000×"
  4. "The Bomb Song"
  5. "Snow"
  6. "Freeway"
  7. "If I Had the Things I Wanted"
  8. "Go to Hell"
  9. "Same Sun"

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