"Bully Tree" (and variants thereof) redirect here, but may include the related Broad-leafed Lacuma (Pouteria multiflora). "Sideroxylon" is also an oxymoron introduced by Arthur Schopenhauer, see Wooden iron, and is occasionally used for petrified wood; it is also a 1983 album by The Celibate Rifles.

Sideroxylon is a genus of flowering plants in the family Sapotaceae. There are about 70 species, collectively known as bully trees. The genus is distributed mainly in the neotropics, but also in Africa, Madagascar, and the Mascarene Islands. Some species, such as Gum Bully (S. lanuginosum), S. tenax, and Buckthorn Bully (S. lycioides), are found into subtropical areas of North America. The only South African species, the White Milkwood (S. inerme), is associated with three historical sites, and these individuals were declared national monuments due to their unusual longevity.

Several species have become rare due to logging and other forms of habitat destruction. The Tambalacoque of Mauritius (S. grandiflorum, syn. Calvaria major) was affected by the extinction of the birds which dispersed its seed; it was suggested that the species entirely depended on the dodo for that purpose and nearly became a victim of coextinction, but this is not correct. Bully trees provide food for the caterpillars of certain Lepidoptera, such as the Bumelia Webworm Moth (Urodus parvula).

Selected species

  • Sideroxylon ibarrae
  • Sideroxylon inerme L.White Milkwood
  • Sideroxylon jubilla
  • Sideroxylon lanuginosumGum Bully
  • Sideroxylon leucophyllum
  • Sideroxylon lycioidesBuckthorn Bully
  • Sideroxylon macranthum
  • Sideroxylon majus (Gaertn.f.) Baehni
  • Sideroxylon marginatum (Decne. Ex Webb)
  • Sideroxylon mascatense (A. DC.) T.D. Penn.
  • Sideroxylon mastichodendroides
  • Sideroxylon mirmulano
  • Sideroxylon montanum
  • Sideroxylon obovatumBreakbill
  • Sideroxylon obtusifolium (Roem. & Schult.) T.D.Penn.
  • Sideroxylon occidentale (Hemsl.) T.D.Penn.
  • Sideroxylon octosepalum
  • Sideroxylon pacurero Loefl.
  • Sideroxylon palmeri
  • Sideroxylon peninsulare
  • Sideroxylon persimile (Hemsl.) T.D. Penn.
  • Sideroxylon portoricense Urb.Puerto Rico Bully
  • Sideroxylon puberulum
  • Sideroxylon reclinatumFlorida Bully, Everglades Bully
  • Sideroxylon repens (Urb. and Ekman) T.D. Penn.
  • Sideroxylon reticulatum Britton
  • Sideroxylon retinerve
  • Sideroxylon robustum Mart. & Eichler
  • Sideroxylon rotundifolium
  • Sideroxylon rubiginosum
  • Sideroxylon rufum Mart. & Eichler
  • Sideroxylon rugosum Roem. & Schult.
  • Sideroxylon saldanhaei Glaz.
  • Sideroxylon saxorum Lecomte
  • Sideroxylon sessiliflorum
  • Sideroxylon socorrense
  • Sideroxylon spinosum
  • Sideroxylon spruceanum Mart. & Miq.
  • Sideroxylon stevensonii
  • Sideroxylon tempisque
  • Sideroxylon tenax L.Tough Bully
  • Sideroxylon thorneiGeorgia Bully
  • Sideroxylon venulosum Mart. & Eichler
  • Sideroxylon wightianum S. Mori
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