Side on (cricket)

In the sport of cricket, side on describes the position of a bowler or batsman.

Side on bowling

A side on bowler has chest and hips aligned at ninety degrees to the batsman at the instant of back foot contact. Australian pace bowler Dennis Lillee used a side on technique to great effect.

Side on batting

A batsman is side on when imaginary lines through hips and shoulders point towards the bowler. Most shots, such as forward defence, backward defence and front and back foot drives, are taught with a side on technique. The combination of a side on technique and hands staying close to the line of the body allow the bat to travel in a simple arc from the top of the backlift, through the point of contact and on to the follow through. The motion and timing of the movement of the joints becomes more complex if the hips or shoulders rotate into a chest on position.

A side on batting stance is also known as a "closed" stance.

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