Derek and Clive Ad Nauseam

Derek and Clive Ad Nauseam is the third and final recording made by Peter Cook and Dudley Moore of their characters Derek and Clive. The record is difficult to listen to in places as it also charts the breakup of their partnership.For an advertising ploy when the record was released itcame with its own airplane sickbag and is still to this day the only record to do that. The quality of the material is more variable than that of their previous two offerings; it is widely regarded as a wise place for the duo to have stopped recording. Moore walked out before the end of this recording, unable to cope with Cook's drunken verbal attacks any longer. The two never worked on a major project again. Cook filmed some of the proceedings and these were released on the documentary Derek and Clive Get the Horn.

Track listing

Side 1:

  1. Endangered Species
  2. Horse Racing
  3. TV
  4. Bruce Forsyth
  5. Records
  6. Soul Time
  7. Russia
  8. Sir
  9. Celebrity Suicide
  10. Politics
  11. Labels
  12. Street Music

Side 2:

  1. The Horn
  2. Mona
  3. The Critics

Extra material added for CD release in November 1989:

  1. Intergalactic Sex
  2. Rape, Death And Paralysis
  3. Lady Vera Fart Teller
  4. I Can't Shit
  5. Sex Manual
  6. Stupid
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