Donna Logan Forrester

Donna Logan Forrester is a fictional character on CBS soap opera The Bold and the Beautiful. The character was played by Carrie Mitchum on a contract basis from 1987 to 1991 and made guest appearances in 1994, 1995, 1996 and 2001. As of July 20, 2006, the character has been played by Jennifer Gareis on contract status.

Character's background

Donna the Protector of her Family

Donna was concerned about her younger sister Katie (then played by Nancy Sloan, now Heather Tom), who had low self esteem due to excessive acne, and convinced Donna's classmate, Rocco Carner (Bryan Genesse), to date her. Rocco was attracted to Donna, but she was already involved with Mark Mallory (Michael Phillip) and was residing with him. When Donna realised Mark wasn't right for her, she kicked him out of her life, but she and Rocco were never able to make a go of their relationship. Donna was hired to model for Tommy Bayland (Tim Choate), who referred her to agent Nick Preston, who convinced Donna to pose nude for a magazine in Europe. Bill Spencer saw the photos and published them in a US magazine, leading Donna to join forces with Nick and Rocco to take nude pictures of Bill to publish in his own magazines. Donna eventually confessed to what she did to Bill and asked Bill to transfer her father Stephen (Robert Pine), who worked for Bill's company, back to Los Angeles from Paris, but Stephanie Forrester (Susan Flannery) opposed that idea. After a failed relationship with Thorne Forrester (then played by Jeff Trachta), Donna left Los Angeles for San Francisco, and returned for special occasions.

Donna wants Ridge for Brooke

Donna returned to LA in 2006, and immediately began trying to persuade her sister Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) (who had now married Nick, played by Jack Wagner) to take Ridge (Ronn Moss) back, reminding her of how long she had fought to keep him. When Donna was unsuccessful in convincing her sister to return to Ridge, she went after him herself. This eventually failed, when she realized that Brooke and Ridge would always be connected.

Donna dates Ridge

After seeing that Ridge and Brooke may truly be over Donna then commenced to date Ridge who was still pining away after Brooke and still trying to lure her back to him through the fashion world. At this time she became a model that appeared to look more like a stripper or a porn star as oppose to a legitimate model. This outraged Stephanie and left Brooke livid. Even Brooke thought the lingerie and presentation of the show was demeaning. Telling her that what I'm selling Donna is romance, fantasy and what I just saw was nothing but sex. Donna and Ridge appeared to display more of a sexual demeaning vibe to the audiences as oppose to Brooke and Ridge. Ridge continued to use her sister to get her to come back to the company saying that she can show Donna then how to portray the fashion that she'd like to see. At this time Brooke had left Forrester Creations and was working with her husband Nick Marone dealing with the shipping industry. Donna and Ridge however, continued to be an item until Brooke discovered that Nick Marone had an affair with her daughter, Bridgett and she ran immediately over to Ridge's to relay the information. From then on the relationship was over with between Ridge and Donna.

Donna, Nick and Jackie Marone

She allied herself with Nick, especially after witnessing an argument between Stephanie and Nick's mother, Jackie (Lesley-Anne Down) which ended with her going over the balcony and into the hospital in a coma. In fact, Donna was the one who told Nick that his mother's injuries were no accident, thus leading to Nick ordering Stephanie to give up Forrester Creations or go to jail. She worked with Nick who had appointed her his new head model and face of the company.

Donna is also allying with Jackie to convince forbidden lovers Rick (Kyle Lowder) and Phoebe (MacKenzie Mauzy) to continue to see each other, knowing that the union could potentially drive a wedge between Ridge and Brooke, driving Brooke back to Nick.

Donna and Brooke's Children

One night, Donna, after thinking that Brooke had arrived home, left for the airport, unknowingly leaving her nephew and niece, R.J. and Hope, all alone in the house, prompting Stephanie to call Child Protective Services, who eventually took the children away from Brooke and placed them temporarily in Ridge's custody. Donna swore revenge on Stephanie, and began to see Thorne Forrester (Winsor Harmon). She seemed to love Thorne, but she saw her relationship with him as a way to get even with Stephanie for all the abuse inflicted on the Logan family over the years. However, recently returned Katie, overheard Donna tell Jackie the real reason why she was marrying Thorne, mainly to get revenge on Stephanie. Katie told Thorne the truth, and that caused him to stop the wedding and furiously broke off the engagement. Donna was furious over what she saw as Katie betraying her, but they have since gotten close once again.

Donna becomes engaged to Thorne

Donna starts dating Thorne and becomes engaged to him to get back at Stephanie Forrester for all of the heinous acts she had committed against Brooke and the Logan clan. She seduced Thorne while he was drunk trying to get over Darla's death and Taylor's upcoming engagement to Taylor Marone. And she lied to him on several occassions expressing her love. The wedding day was over however, once Katie revealed to Thorne the real reason Donna was marrying him. She ran out in her wedding dress looking horrified and claimed to love him to Katie. To which Katie didn't believe nor did Thorne.

Donna and Eric

Donna has since begun an affair with Eric Forrester. With her help and encouragement, Eric persuaded Nick to sell his company back; Nick agreed, but on the condition that Eric divorce Stephanie, a condition to which Eric agreed. Donna's relationship with Eric has earned her the wrath of not just Eric's family (son Thorne and daughter Felicia in particular), but also Jackie Marone, whom she sees as competition for Eric's affections, which has caused friction in their friendship, and also her sister Katie.

Eric, after a lot of thought, had chosen Donna over Stephanie, mainly due to her part in Brooke's rape; but also because he truly loved her. During Forrester's first fashion since Eric returned to the head of the fashion house, she was slated to wear the showstopper gown, but Felicia and Thorne, egged on by their mother, locked her in the steam room at Forrester, allowing Stephanie to steal the moment in the sun. Jake Maclaine, who had recently returned to Forrester, heard her cries and rescued her, then her family comforted her, as they awaited to confront Stephanie for her treacherous actions.

Storm shot Stephanie

Moments later, Stephanie was shot by an unknown assailant. Donna was behind her brother, Storm, especially when it was discovered that he had shot Stephanie, and not her father. Stephanie used Storm's freedom as blackmail to try to break up Eric and Donna, but it failed. Stephanie, persuaded by Katie, finally relented and didn't charge Storm with her shooting. Stephanie insisted that Eric attend their anniversary party, and whatever choice he made, even if he chooses Donna, she would respect his decision.

Donna and Pamela Douglas

However, Donna has an even more dangerous enemy to face, namely that of Pamela Douglas, Stephanie's unhinged younger sister, who had despised Donna from the first moment that she had met her. She had her Doberman Pinscher, named Tiny, shred one of her thongs, and sicced him on her, chasing her out into the courtyard. The night of Eric and Stephanie's party, Pam threatened Donna with being killed if she dared to try to become Mrs. Eric Forrester.

Donna and Pam became mortal enemies, as the crazy Ms. Douglas insisted that Stephanie would retain Eric as her husband; and as such, began to play nasty pranks on Donna, such as tampering with her whitening strips; shampoo; a tanning booth, etc. This rattled Donna, and she confronted Pam, who only found it all too funny. Donna was saddened, when she discovered that Pam had switched one of Eric's viagra pills with a sedative. Then, Donna had been tormented by Tiny, Pam's Doberman Pinscher, so she fed the dog Pam's lemon bars. However, Tiny met his untimely end because of this (he actually died of an enlarged heart, so the Lemon bars didn't have any connection to Tiny's death), and this not only irritated Pam, but has inflamed the heated feud between her and Donna. In May 2008, Donna married Eric despite Eric having cold feet and reigniting his feelings for Stephanie.

Donna's long lost Son

Newlywed Donna now has two new worries -- Eric's children want to force her out of Forrester Creations, and it has come to light that at the age of 16, Donna became pregnant and gave birth to a baby boy, whom she gave up for adoption. The child was given the name Marcus Walton. Having reached adulthood, Marcus recently arrived in Los Angeles to track down the "Donna Logan" listed on his birth certificate.

Eric's Children

Donna has fired Ridge, Felicia, and Thorne. Telling the press that Throne and Felicia Forrester were devistated by what happened to their father and that Ridge would also be stepping down. This has angered the three and has vowed vengeance towards Donna. Felicia derisively calls her "Prima Donna" Despite Brooke's pleading that she and Ridge could work together, she defied her sister, by taking conniving Owen's advice over hers and saying that Ridge, Thorne and Felicia would not be welcomed at Forrester, instead relying on Rick, Owen and Marcus to handle the business.

Marcus doesn't trust Owen

Eventually though, Marcus sensed that Donna was being manipulated by Owen. He finally confronted him on his tactics, and he floored Marcus by saying that he was in love with her. Donna gently rebuffed his advances by saying that she was in love with her husband. After Marcus talked with her sister and his aunt, Brooke, Donna terminated his employment with Forrester, and he went back to San Diego. Marcus, to celebrate, took his girlfriend, Steffy Forrester to the beach to have a day of sun and fun. It was later discovered that Eric didn't have a heart attack; but he had been poisoned with Potassium Chloride which had been put in a bottle of gin that Eric had a drink from before he had sex with his wife. Thanks to some detective work by stepsiblings, Marcus and Bridget, the truth came out, and it could well be Owen who the suspicion could fall on. On August 22nd, Owen was arrested with attempting to murder Eric Forrester. He was almost the target of attack by Ridge and Thorne, and even Donna was angry with his actions. However, he insisted that he was taking the blame for someone else. His suspicions were indeed correct when it was discovered that Donna's arch-enemy, Pamela Douglas (Alley Mills) was the one who accidentally poisoned Eric, and then saved her when she tried to kill her with a shotgun; and a bear.

Donna's growing attraction to Owen

Donna became more enamored by Owen's knight saving act and they commenced to kiss as Eric Forrester was awaking slowly from his coma. Stephanie and Ridge send Donna and Owen both on a trip after Stephanie catches Donna and Owen in the bedroom kissing. However, they haven't been officially intimate inspite of the appearance. Recently Donna and Owen returned from their business trip unaware that a recovered Eric is down the hall from Kristen's old bedroom. Owen commences to kiss Donna and get her to try to move on with her life without Eric. Eric hears noise and catches them kissing each other.

Eric Catches Donna and Owen Kissing

Stephanie forged Donna's signature on the medical papers that moved Eric home where she brought a doctor from Europe that helped Eric's condition to where he finally woke up. He was hidden when Donna returned from Europe but he entered the bedroom as Donna and Owen were kissing passionately.

Eric Orders her to Leave

Eric was extremely upset despite everyone's attempts to calm him down and he ordered Donna to leave which she did as did Owen. Marcus snuck in a letter from Donna to Eric.

Owen Refuses to Give up on Donna

In light of Eric's recovery Donna tells Owen that she can't be with him because she loves her husband. He refuses to leave and tells Donna that he loves her. He grabs her into a passionate kiss to which she responds. Owen continues to be an ambiguous thorn in Donna's side. She loves her husband but Owen captivates her passions.

Stephanie and Owen's Discussion

Later Stephanie confronts him at a restaurant and wants him to tell her that he had an affair with Donna to which he denies stating that it's not as if he didn't try hard enough, but that she really does love Eric. Donna catches this and assumes Stephanie and Owen plotted the seduction attempt. And she relays to him that she "never wants to see him again."

Marcus's injuries

On October 3rd, whilst her son Marcus was unloading a large shipment, he was attacked by a giant cobra that had been in the crate. While Donna and the others come to his aid, it was Pamela, who was camouflaged in a shawl and hat, that was smiling sinfully at her dirty deed. The cobra attack was meant for Donna, though, not Marcus. Stephanie came to the hospital, acting concerned for Marcus, but after she got there, Donna stopped her in the hallway and told her to leave, thinking that she, along with Pam, was in on the attack.

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