Shuttle diplomacy

In diplomacy and international relations, shuttle diplomacy is the use of a third party to serve as an intermediary or mediator between two parties who do not talk directly. The third party travels ("shuttles") between the two primary parties. Shuttle diplomacy is often used when the two primary parties do not formally recognize each other but still want to negotiate.

The term "shuttle diplomacy" became widespread following Henry Kissinger's term as United States Secretary of State. Kissinger participated in shuttle diplomacy in the Middle East and in the People's Republic of China.

In a major outbreak of Israel-Hezbollah fighting in 1996, U.S. Secretary of State Warren Christopher conducted shuttle diplomacy, traveling to, among other places, Syria. Having persuaded the Syrians to rein in Hezbollah, Christopher achieved a cease-fire.

In 2008 shuttle diplomacy has been practised by Matthew Nimetz between Greece and the Republic of Macedonia to resolve the Macedonian naming dispute.

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