Shunem, in the Bible, town of Issachar, on the north side of the vale of Jezreel. The adjective Shulamite probably refers to it. It is the present-day Sulam (Israel).
Shunem is a little village mentioned in the Bible. It was located in the tribe of Issachar, to the north of Jezreel and south of Mount Gilboa .

Shunem is where:

  • The Philistines encamped when they came against Saul, the first king of Israel;
  • Where Abishag, King David's companion in his old age, came from; and
  • Where the prophet Elisha was hospitably entertained by a rich woman whose son Elisha later revived after the son apparently died.

Shunem is listed on the towns conquered by the Egyptian pharaohs Thutmose III and Shoshenk I.

Shunem is identified with the modern town of Solem

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