Head Trip in Every Key

Head Trip in Every Key is the thirteen-song album released by Superdrag on Elektra Records in 1998. It is the follow-up to 1996's success, Regretfully Yours. Elektra did not expect the fully orchestrated "Beatlesque" sound the band conveyed on this album. Elektra then focused its attention and funding on other bands in its roster. Head Trip in Every Key received very little publicity, and therefore sold poorly, subsequently causing Elektra to drop Superdrag from the label. Head Trip in Every Key is believed by many dedicated fans to be Superdrag's best album.

Track listing

  1. "I'm Expanding My Mind"
  2. "Hellbent"
  3. "Sold You an Alibi"
  4. "Do the Vampire"
  5. "Amphetamine"
  6. "Bankrupt Vibration"
  7. "Mr. Underground"
  8. "Annetichrist"
  9. "She is a Holy Grail"
  10. "Pine Away"
  11. "Shuck & Jive"
  12. "Wrong vs. Right Doesn't Matter"
  13. "The Art of Dying"



  • On the inside of the CD case behind the CD is a list of 23 songs with various check-list columns showing progress for each song in the recording process (i.e. drums, electric bass, etc.). Thirteen of these songs appeared on Head Trip in Every Key, and five songs appeared on later releases: "Take Your Spectre Away" on Greetings from Tennessee; "My Day Will Come," "She Says," "Here We Come," on Changing Tires on the Road to Ruin; "Senorita" on Stereo 360 Sound.
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