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The Big Blueberry Barf-Off!

The Big Blueberry Barf-Off! is the first book in the best-selling series Rotten School, created by R. L. Stine. It features Bernie Bridges, who is desperate to win Sherman Oaks' millon dollar watch in a pie contest between Rotten House and Nyce House. It was first published in 2005 (2006 in U.K). It was authored by R. L. Stine.

The book is narrated by the main character in the series - Bernie Bridges.


The start of the book introduces Bernie Bridges, a self-admirer, and his friends, Feenman, Crench, and Belzer, also Bernie's servant.

After Bernie tells the reader about the school, he walks out to the big statue of the school's founder, I. B. Rotten, where he sees that there is a huge crowd gathering around it. When Bernie gets a closer look, he sees his arch - rival Sherman Oaks showing off his million dollar watch with 42 applications, including a popcorn popper. And when Bernie sees his crush, April-May June, being "hypnotized" by the watch, he thinks that he must have the watch!

After encountering los of obstactacles during the day, Bernie thinks he has no hope for him to get the watch... until he sees his friend Beast eat an entire pizza and more whole at the same time. Bernie suddenly realises how he can get the watch from Sherman very easily... a pie-eating contest. However, Bernie has a tiny problem... Beast is allergic to blueberry pie, and when Sherman hears that Beast is allergic to blueberry pie, things get more complicated when Sherman insists that there will a be a contest with Beast vs. Wes Uphood... with blueberry pie.

However, the allergy was a fraud, and now that Bernie knows, he has one tiny problem... how would he get the pies?

The next day, Bernie sees April-May going to cooking class, and after another unsuccessful atemmpt to woo her, he asks what they're cooking. It turned out to be chocolate cakes, and as Bernie asks "What about blueberry pies?", the door gets slammed in his face.

Soon, Jennifer Ecch, a big, strong girl from the 4th grade who's madly in love with Bernie tells him that crying always works on Mrs. Monella, the cooking teacher. So, he pretends to cry in front of her later to get the pies. It works.

That night, Bernie sneaks out, gets the blueberry pies, and starts the pie contest. Beast beats Wes easily because of his huge appetite, and Bernie wins the watch. However, 30 seonds later, Ms. Monella comes in wit April-May and sees barf all over the floor, and just as Bernie is getting in BIG trouble, he gives the watch away to charity.

Just as Bernie is going to take April-May to dance lessons, the Ecch comes and drags Bernie away.


  1. Breakfast in Bed
  2. Feenman and Crench
  3. A Crowd Gathers
  4. My Archenemy
  5. My Million-Dollar Watch
  6. Headmaster Upchuck
  7. Chipmunk
  8. My Friend Beast
  9. Pie fight
  10. Allergic to Pie
  11. 25 Chocolate Cakes
  12. Jennifer Ecch
  13. The Horrible Accident
  14. 25 Blueberry Pies
  15. Eat Pie!
  16. The Big Barf-Off
  17. Busted
  18. Dance Lessons


  • Bernie Bridges
  • Sherman Oaks
  • April-May June
  • Ms. Monella
  • Chipmunk
  • Wes Uphood
  • Mrs. Heinie
  • Beast
  • Headmaster Upchuck
  • Feenman
  • Crench
  • Belzer
  • Jennifer Ecch

Morning Announcements


  • A special reminder from Coach Bunz to our third grade swim team. Please be aware that the No Peeing In The Pool rule is strictly enforced.

Volunteer Club

  • Congratulations to the Volenteer Club of Nyce House. They have collected 50> pounds of old newspaper. They are asking if anyone knows what to do with it.


  • Mr Farrhowt has asked me to make this special announcement to his students in the Class for Beginning Rappers... "Yo. What up, dawgs? We be breakin' it down. Bring the bling. Bust a move, yo."

First aid

  • The stomach pump is missing again from Nurse Hanley's office. Please return it and no questions will be asked.


  • I would to congratulate 5th grader Eric Spindlebag. Eric won the I CARE DEEPLY ABOUT MY SCHOOL contest. His winning essay is titled, "Whatever".


Gross stunts

  • Members of the Dental Hygiene Club announce that 3rd grader Billy Sligg will be showing off his new braces at dinner tonight.


  • A reminder that tonight is Island Night in the Dining Hall. Chef Baloney will be serving a special menu with a tropical theme. I'm sure you will all enjoy the chef's Coconut-Crusted Fist of Buffalo... Plankton Suprise... Trout Lip in s Sponge Sauce... and Lizard Pudding. Enjoy!

Back Cover


  • Bernie Bridges rules the school!


  • Bernie Bridges always has a plan to make things go his way.


  • But how will he get rich kid Sherman Oaks to give him his watch - the one that tells the time, plays DVDs and pops popcorn?


  • It involves a contest, 25 pies and a gallon of sick...


  • Don't read this book after lunch!

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