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Show-Me Institute

The Show-Me Institute is a free-market think tank based in St. Louis, Missouri (The Show Me State). Founded in 2005, it focuses on economic policy issues in the state of Missouri. The self-declared mission of the Show-Me Institute is "advancing liberty with responsibility by promoting market solutions for Missouri public policy." The president of the Show-Me Institute is Rex Sinquefield and the chairman is Crosby Kemper III. Jason Hannasch is vice president. Sinquefield has received criticism for his heavy donations to political candidates in the state.

The institute's first study, released in March 2006, argued for the elimination of the earnings tax in St. Louis and Kansas City. In October 2006, the institute released two studies examining the impact of a proposal on the November ballot to increase the minimum wage. In February 2007, the institute released a widely-discussed report on mayoral control of the St. Louis public school system. In October 2007, the Institute held a conference with leading education policy and legal scholars on the impact of the Missouri Supreme Court's recent school finance decision. While the institute was not involved in the case, three of the organization's board members intervened on behalf of taxpayers in the case and helped defeat a judicially-mandated increase in education funding. In January 2008, the institute released a study on the fiscal impact of a proposed school choice proposal and another study criticizing a Kansas City light rail proposal.


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