show up

Show Up!

Show Up! is Joey Yung's sixth Cantonese full length studio album, released on September 30 2003. The main track of this album is also the theme for Joey's third solo concert and second concert series, "Neway Joey Yung Live Show Up!", which spanned six nights at the famous Hong Kong Coliseum. The choreography for the Show Up music video had Joey dance more powerful and complicated moves than before, and set a new standard of dancing for Joey. While Joey had not yet established an image of being an exceptional dancer, it was a big improvement compared to her past performances and lead Joey to a whole new direction in performing. However, this album and concert did give Joey a new "sexier" image, which seemed a bit controversial for fans at first but definitely helped prepare a path for her as Hong Kong's newest pop queen.

Track listing

  1. "Panic Room"
  2. "Show Up !"
  3. "出賣"
  4. "Déjà Vu"
  5. "流汗"
  6. "歌姬"
  7. "Cyber Stage"
  8. "派對機器"
  9. "心甘命抵"
  10. "遲鈍"
  11. "N.G. Takes"
  12. "勉強幸福"
  13. "想得太遠"
  14. "會很美"
  15. "我也不想這樣"
  16. "Show Up" (國語版)
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