Shoulders is drinking game that involves players competing in a fast paced game attempting to "count" to 21.


  • 2 Arms
  • Beer

Set up

Players form a circle. Preferably around a table

Game Play

  • The game begins with a player slapping his left/right shoulder, this starts the count at 1.
  • Depending on which shoulder is hit, the player to that immediate side of the slapper then slaps their right/left shoulder and calls out "2"
  • The Count continues until the group reaches 21.

Special Slaps

Special Slaps occur at a predetermined number to increase difficulty and creativity to the game.

  • Common numbers for special slaps are:
    • 7,11,17 & 21
      • They usually occur in pairs (7&17)(11&21)
  • Common S.S's are:
    • Point(7)/Double point(17)= A player points to the person to go next while calling out the correct number
      • The pointer CAN pick players NOT to their immediate left/right.
    • High Cross(11)/Low Cross(21)= A player overlaps their arms (think like a genie but with space between)and depending on whether it is a high/low cross that predetermined hand indicates which player (to his left/right) continues.
      • The current slapper can only go to his immediate left/right w/ the high/low cross
  • If the game is set to end with a special slap, the player counting off 21 must act out the special slap even though there is no 22.


The count resets and a player must drink when:

  • He/she slaps out of turn
  • Counts off the incorrect number
  • Fails to recognize it is their turn
  • Fails to execute the Special Slaps

Getting to 21

If/When you get to 21, the group celebrates with a waterfall.


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