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Short Attention Span Theater

Short Attention Span Theater, which ran on Comedy Central from 1989–1994, was basically a pastiche of various comedians and clips from movies airing on HBO and Cinemax that month along with entertainment news and commentary from the show's host. Various celebrity guests also appeared on occasion. During its run Jon Stewart, Patty Rosborough, Mark S. Allen, Marc Maron, Sue Murphy, Brian Regan and brother Dennis Regan were hosts at one time.

When "SAST" originally aired, it was on The Comedy Channel (which later merged with Ha! to form CTV, the Comedy Network, later known as Comedy Central). The original hosts were a young Jon Stewart and Patty Rosborough. Coincidentally, Stewart would later host The Daily Show, in some ways SAST's successor on Comedy Central. The last 2 live seasons were hosted by Mark S. Allen.

The only trademark behavior established by the show's original hosts was the "chair dance".

The show was also the first to air Marc Weiner's "head puppets," in a series of short skits.

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