Thin piece of building material made of wood, asphaltic material, slate, metal, or concrete, laid in overlapping rows to shed water. Shingles are widely used as roof covering on residential buildings and sometimes also for siding (see Shingle style). Wood shingles in the U.S. are usually made of cypress, redwood, or Western red cedar.

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Shingle can refer to:

  • Herpes zoster ("shingles"), a disease of the nerves
  • Shingle back (Trachydosaurus rugosus), a species of skink found in Australia.
  • Shingle bob, a short hairstyle for women in the mid 1920s
  • In text mining, a contiguous subsequence of tokens in a document used to gauge syntactic similarity. A set of shingles comprise a w-shingling
  • Toast, in diner lingo

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