VUVR was a technical death metal band with jazz influences that was founded in 1992 in Czech Republic.


VUVR formed in autumn 1992--the original lineup was Radek Kopr (guitar), Adam Klopar (bass, vocals), and Olda Sušil (drums). They started as a hardcore band. After three years, Vít Jindřichovský (guitar) joined VUVR and the band already tended to play death metal. In 1997, a 33-minute long demo was recorded and in 1998 was self-released as Slaves Of Time. Critics were altogether positive and labeled the band as technical death metal. VUVR toured around the Czech Republic and took part in many music festivals. In autumn 2000, they returned back to the studio to record the full length album Pilgrimage, that fuses death metal, art rock and jazz elements in a similar way to Atheist, Cynic and Pestilence's technical and musical sensibilities. After the release, VUVR had a couple of concerts with a more or less art rock sound and a female vocalist and later split up.

Some members hosted in other bands. Adam Klopar played in YBCA and did the vocals for Forgotten Silence. Olda Sušil plays in Happy Death.


  • Adam Klopar - bass, vocals (1992 -2002)
  • Vít Jindřichovský - guitars (1995 -2002)
  • Radek Kopr - guitars (1992 - 2002)
  • Olda Sušil - drums (1992 - 2002)



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