shell orchids


Shell may refer to

  • Animal shell, or exoskeleton, including those of molluscs, turtles, insects and crustaceans
  • Seashell, the shells of various marine animals, especially marine mollusks
  • Eggshell, the outer covering of a hard-shelled egg

Any more or less hollow surface covering, including:

In science and mathematics:

In computing

  • Shell (computing), a type of computer user interface (for example a Unix or a DOS shell)
  • Shell account, a personal account that gives a user access to a Unix shell on another machine, usually through SSH
  • Shell sort, a sorting algorithm

In business

In media and entertainment:

  • Shell Thropp, a character from the books Wicked and Son of a Witch
  • "Shells" (Angel), a 2004 episode of the television series Angel
  • The Shells, an American doo wop group
  • Big Shell, an offshore decontamination facility in the videogame Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty

As a surname:

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