sheet erosion

Detachment of soil particles by raindrop impact and their removal downslope by water flowing overland as a sheet instead of in definite channels or rills. A more or less uniform layer of fine particles is removed from the entire surface of an area, sometimes resulting in an extensive loss of rich topsoil. Sheet erosion commonly occurs on recently plowed fields or on other sites having poorly consolidated soil material with scant vegetative cover.

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or sheet

In geology, a tabular igneous intrusion emplaced parallel to the bedding of the enclosing rock. Although they may have inclined orientations, nearly horizontal sills are most common. Sills may range from a few inches to hundreds of feet thick and up to hundreds of miles long. They include rock compositions of all types.

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Sheet may refer to:

People with the name Sheet or Sheets

  • Andy Sheets (born 1971), a former shortstop in Major League Baseball
  • Ben Sheets (born 1978), a pitcher in Major League Baseball for the Milwaukee Brewers
  • Bob Sheets, meteorologist
  • Kory Sheets, American college football player
  • Larry Sheets (born 1959), a former outfielder in Major League Baseball
  • Millard Sheets, American painter
  • Eric Haber, American professional poker player, nicknamed Sheets

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