she crab soup

She-crab soup

She-crab soup is a rich soup, similar to bisque, made of milk or heavy cream, crab or fish stock, Atlantic blue crab meat, and crab roe, and finished with a splash of dry sherry. It may be thickened either by heat reduction or with a purée of boiled rice and may also include such seasonings as mace and shallots or onions. The soup is a regional specialty from the South Carolina Lowcountry. It is considered to be the signature dish of Charleston, South Carolina, and is commonly featured on the menus of many of the city's restaurants. The soup is named for the "She-Crab", or female crab, which supplies the flavorful orange roe, or eggs, that comprise a chief ingredient in the soup.

This soup was a favorite of radio star Soupy Sales.

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