Out of the Darkness, Into the Light

Out of the Darkness, Into the Light is a compilation album by Dolomite released on June 16, 1998. This album includes popular names such as the Kottonmouth Kings and the Untouchables along with many others.

Track listing

# Title Featured Artist
1 Criminal Mind World Tribe
2 Stomping To That Wondersound Weapon of Choice
3 Bump Kottonmouth Kings
4 When I Grow Up Gran Torino
5 Tropical Bird Untouchables
6 Crank It up Headboard
7 Just Another Day At Work Chris Gentry
8 Soul Magic Soul Machine
9 Cryptonite Afrodiziak
10 Real Metaphor Funktion
11 I Love Hypocrites Vitamin L
12 Mi Vida Loca (DJ Shawny B Remix) Bonafide
13 Turning Out Pocket Lent
14 Geet Yo Boogie On Rifleman
15 We Just Wanna Party Da Pimps
16 Nation Ball De Crunchchaes, Cheze
17 Sirius Time West Coast Harem
18 Bad Road Infaredeye


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