Shatterproof Is Not a Challenge

Shatterproof Is Not a Challenge is the second studio album by British based rock band, Hundred Reasons.

In November 2003, five months prior to the album's release, "The Great Test" was released as a single, and in February the following year, "What You Get" was released. A video was made for "Harmony" but without a single release.

Shatterproof did not sell as well as their debut album, Ideas Above Our Station, leading their record label, Columbia Records, to drop them. The band would later sign with V2 Records.

On the official Hundred Reasons message board, the band's guitarist at the time Paul Townsend responded to a poll asking which of the band's two albums were better: ''"I think this topic might be easer to anwser if I wasn't in the band. Both albums had there ups and downs, good and bad memories. I was much more confident with Shatterproof. With Ideas we were doing everything for the first time, we learned a lot. With Shatterproof we were so kean to move forward we never really focused on the things we got rite (silly buggers). I think we got bits rite on both albums, but naturally not everything. So again, we learned a lot".

"Still Be Here" is about singer Colin Doran reconnecting with his father, whom he had not seen for six years.

The album reached #20 in the UK Album Chart, and was #1 on Radio 1's Rock Album Chart.

Track listing

  • All tracks written by Hundred Reasons
  • "Savanna" – 3:10
  • "Stories With Unhappy Endings" – 3:48
  • "What You Get" – 3:27
  • "The Great Test" – 1:59
  • "Harmony" – 3:34
  • "Lullaby" – 3:39
  • "My Sympathy" – 3:45
  • "80mph" – 1:53
  • "Still Be Here" – 3:48
  • "Pop" – 3:10
  • "Truth With Elegance" – 4:19
  • "Makeshift" – 3:10


  • "L.E.D." (released with "The Great Test")
  • "Change of Season" (released with "The Great Test")
  • "Anyone Else's Conclusion" (released with "The Great Test")
  • "Seven Years" (released with "The Great Test")
  • "What's Right" – 3:22 (relesaed with "What You Get")
  • "When You're Done For" (relesaed with "What You Get")
  • "Don't Forget" – 3:08 (relesaed with "What You Get")


Band Line-up

  • Colin Doran - Lead Vocals
  • Larry Hibbitt - Guitar, Vocals (Lead Vocals on the chorus for "Pop")
  • Paul Townsend - Guitar, Vocals (Lead Vocals on the verses for "Pop")
  • Andy Gilmour - Bass
  • Andy Bews - Drums


  • Dave Sardy


  • Greg Gordon
  • Juan Garcia
  • Andy Saroff
  • Jeff Hoffman

Mixed By

  • Dave Sardy

Mastered By

  • Stephen Marcussen

Drums Tech

  • Artie Smith

Guitar Tech

  • Stuart Valentine


Sleeve Design and Illustration

  • Mark Unwin for Precession Industries


  • Steve Gullick

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