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Shapeless (シェイプレス) is the twelfth album by Japanese rock band Buck-Tick released in 1994.

Track listing

  1. Jupiter (Silver Moon Mix)
  2. D.T.D (Air Liquide Mix)
  3. In the Glitter (Part 1 - Glitter Mix)
  4. Brain, Whisper, Head, Hate Is Noise (Remix)
  5. Iconoclasm (Don't X Ray Da DAT Mix)
  6. In the Glitter (Part 2 - Aphex Mix)
  7. Killing (Urb Mix)
  8. Evil Flowers (Neutron 9000 Mix)
  9. Dress (Spicelab Mix)
  10. Hyper Love (Hardfloor Remix)

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