Shank can refer to:

  • Lead shank, a type of lead used for difficult horses
  • Shank (sewing), a sewing-specific shank include button shanks and thread shanks
  • The long, narrow part of a screw or nail
  • Shank, part of a ship's anchor
  • Shank (weapon), a slang for a makeshift knife usually crafted from scrap metal, or (as a verb) the use of such a weapon
  • A metal "spine" placed inside a shoe or boot
  • The handle (beginning) for a pair of shears / scissors; the part that connects the neck to the ride
  • Shanks, wading birds in the genus Tringa
  • Shanks' mare, Shanks's pony idioms meaning to walk
  • Shank (meat), a cut of meat
    • Beef shank, a cut of beef from the lower part of a cow, namely the extremities
  • Sheepshank, a knot used to shorten a rope
  • In ballet, the shank is the part of a pointe shoe used to support the arch of one's foot when dancing en pointe
  • Shank (play), 2008 play by Richard Vincent
  • Shankh, a quantity in the Indian numbering system
  • SHANK1 or SHANK2, a major scaffold protein that interacts indirectly with both NMDA receptors and metabotropic receptors
  • Shank in modern terms could mean stab, when used in a sentence, "I will shank you", this means "I will stab you"


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